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10 ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home during quarantine

2020 has been a year of challenges undoubtedly, that’s why so many people yearn to celebrate the new year full of hope and happiness. As we all know, New Years Eve 2021 will be different this year, instead of going out to spend New Year’s Eve in the city, many of us will settle down to spend an evening on the sofa, and instead of celebrating with dozens of friends in 2021, our celebrations will be limited to contacting friends and relatives over the phone or through video calls, we will not be preparing for big parties with our friends and neighbors, and flocking to the streets when the clock strikes twelve is no longer allowed.

But just because 2021 New Year celebrations are different does not mean that they cannot be as cheerful and happy as past years, we can still prepare for the coming year, and celebrate the New Year safely at home, and we can still wear the festive hats and enjoy the hot New Year drinks, and with an appropriate plan, we will be able to celebrate New Years Eve at home in more than one way.

1- Prepare a festive New Year’s dinner

The best way to celebrate the New Year is to have a delicious dinner, so instead of going out to dinner in a restaurant, make your own luxurious dinner at home, where you can prepare lots and lots of delicious dishes like grilled chicken, and some delicious side dishes. In the end, there is no better way to celebrate your New Year more than your own romantic dinner at home on New Year’s Eve.

2- Decorate the house to celebrate the year 2021

Your New Year celebration will not be complete without decorating the house and adding an atmosphere of joy and happiness to it, as you can add a festive touch to your home by using the special 2021 balloons, which will be a great choice as a perfect photo background if you decide to take pictures.

You can also hang helium balloons and draw on them with glitter, or tie them in the form of a rose of balloons in different colors to give a distinctive shape and add an atmosphere of fun to your home on the New Year’s Eve.

3- Put on your finest clothes and take some photos

Just because you will be celebrating New Year’s Day at home does not mean that you have to wear your own pajamas (although if you want to wear your own pajamas, you can definitely do so), put on your favorite clothes, put on some cheerful makeup, and take the best pictures for a happy memory for the coming years.

You can also buy some photography props and light mirrors that will help you take the best pictures, or you can even DIY one yourself. Stick silver or gold wrapping paper on the wall, preferably in front of the window, to get some natural light, and take the best pictures of you and your little family.

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4- Write your New Year’s resolutions

Since we spend more time at home this period, you will have extra time to write your new year’s resolutions and wishes, try to cover a range of wishes and things that you want to achieve on the professional, financial, emotional, health, and family levels, and prepare to spend a better year than the previous one.

5- Make a memory jar 

Here’s a fun idea for New Year’s Eve: Make a “memory jar” to keep for the next 12 months, and every time something special happens, a happy event, a pleasant surprise, or a nice situation, write about it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar, and on New Year’s Eve 2022, you can open the jar and relive all these special memories all over again.

6- Watch a movie

There are some classics that you can always watch on New Year’s Eve. Make sure to prepare a list of favorites and share them with your family. Comedies are a great choice for laughing and a relaxing holiday that you will always remember.

7- Make delicious desserts

Choose some of the dessert recipes you want to try and start baking on the morning of the 31st. This way, you’ll have a delicious dessert to enjoy all day and night – because the best thing you can do to celebrate New Years Eve is to eat cake.

8- Celebrate on a video call with your friends and loved ones

Zoom calls have become an integral part of holiday celebrations this year with the current conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s a great way to stay in touch with all of your friends and loved ones and celebrate the New Year. Set a date to meet virtually online via video calls and enjoy the moment of the start of the new year with joy and happy wishes.

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9- Games

The best thing about parties are games, so make sure you have a dose of fun during New Year’s Eve, as you can find a lot of games online, and if you call in to your friends via video chat, there are also tons of games to play on Zoom.

10. Take a virtual yoga class

Yoga is a refreshing and healthy way to start your day overall, look for yoga instructional videos online – you can try YouTube or download a specialized yoga app and try some exercises that will get your body energized again.

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