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Black Friday With Carrefour

Carrefour is one of the largest supermarket chains in the world, providing the finest household products and daily necessities from a wide range of products such as fresh foods, baby products, kitchen appliances, health products, personal care products, and many more.

Carrefour stores provide more than 100,000 different high-quality products, making it the first choice for customers when purchasing basic items, foods, and various products.

Under the name “Carrefour Friday” and the slogan “Budget Store”, Carrefour launched the Carrefour Black Friday offers 2020 that will extend throughout the month of November until December 1 to provide Carrefour customers with competitive prices on the top-selling products and give them the opportunity to shop and buy a range of high-quality products at affordable prices through exceptional offers and discounts.

These offers include many different categories, as they include offers on grocery products, electronic devices, home essentials, beauty and personal care products, detergents, meat and poultry, and much more.

Carrefour expects a large number of its customers to take advantage of great value offers in the following categories:

Electronic Devices

In this year, with the increase in the percentage of distance learning, working from home, and the search for flexible options to achieve better ways of communication, the sales of computers, laptops, tablets, phone accessories, and other electronic devices such as screens, mobiles, etc. also increased.

All this was the reason for Carrefour offering great discounts of up to 60% to provide an efficient shopping experience to its valued customers during the discount season.


The name “Carrefour” has become related in customers’ minds with grocery shopping in particular, as Carrefour provides the finest types of grocery products, including dairy products, canned foods, oils, rice, pasta, meat, juices, soda water and many other products available at Carrefour at the best prices.

In addition to Carrefour offers on grocery products, you can now enjoy an additional discount by visiting Coupaeon and using Carrefour Egypt promo code and Carrefour promo code KSA 2020, which provide you with the greatest discounts when you buy from Carrefour online website. All you have to do is check the best offers and make your shopping process using exclusive Carrefour coupons available on Coupaeon.

Home Care & Personal Care products

Carrefour cares about all the needs of its customers, which include home cleaning tools and products, as well as personal care products, as Carrefour offers discounts of up to 60% on these products.

Kitchen Appliances

It is no secret that many people have turned into chefs during the lockdown in the recent period, so it is expected that sales of kitchen appliances will increase significantly, as customers choose to stay and eat in their homes, instead of visiting restaurants.

That is why Carrefour contributes, with its discounts of up to 55% on cooking products, to help its customers stick to their homes in order to preserve their health and safety.

Enjoy now Carrefour coupon codes exclusively provided through Coupaeon, using which you can get an additional discount on your purchases and achieve a more saving shopping experience.

How to use Carrefour coupon code

  • Enter Coupaeon, and search for Carrefour store for your country, whether Carrefour Egypt, Carrefour Saudi Arabia, or Carrefour UAE, then choose the coupon code that works best for you among all the exclusively offered Carrefour coupons.
  • Once you have Carrefour promo code, you can enjoy an extra discount in addition to the main Carrefour store discount on its products.
  • Select the products you want to buy and complete the purchase steps until you reach the last stage in which you’re asked to paste the Carrefour discount code if you have it.
  • Put the code inside the box specified for the coupon codes, click “Apply” and then you’ll enjoy the promised discount on the total value of your purchases.

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