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Victoria’s Secret is one of the most famous brands in the world of women’s products and perfumes, the journey of the well-known brand began in 1977, after businessman Roy Raymond came up with the idea of ​​the brand when he felt uncomfortable every time he bought his wife’s underwear, that’s why he founded this store, which became one of the most widespread brands in the world.

Victoria’s Secret was able to make a big profit in its first year, exceeding $500,000, and its branches spread all over the world. In 1982, Raymond sold the brand to Leslie Wexner, who changed Victoria’s Secret strategy slightly, but was able to introduce perfumes and cosmetics to it, which was a major reason for the brand to witness a remarkable public spread around the world.

Pink by Victoria’s Secret

In 1999, Victoria’s Secret launched the “Body by Victoria” brand, and then followed it in 2002 with the famous Pink brand, which is a women’s and lingerie brand that falls under it, targeting a youth age group with soft and calm tastes, and in the same year, Victoria’s Secret announced its entry into the swimwear field, and by 2006, it had more than a thousand stores around the world, and entered the fashion shows world, making its show an amazing international event.

Victoria's Secret Perfume
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Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

Victoria’s Secret offers its customers many types of perfumes, body mist and body fresheners with different, nature-inspired, and unique scents that make you feel fresh throughout the day. Let’s take a quick look at the most famous of these perfumes:

  • Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Body Mist

Do you want a light body spray with a refreshing scent that is suitable for your daily going out and going to work? Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction perfume is the answer to all your questions, as it is a light fragrance that lasts with its unique scent which has touches of red plum and African flowers that will always make you feel refreshed, especially during hot summer days.

  • Victoria Secret Twisted IVY Body Mist

If you are looking for a refreshing fragrance with the scent of flowers and fruits, this perfume is the best fit for you, as it is a mixture between the scents of pear and cucumber, making it unique and refreshing all the time.

  • Victoria Secret Love Addict body mist

As for if you want a feminine and soft scent, we recommend this fragrance that is suitable for night and evening outings, as it is based on a combination of orange and wild orchid flower that gives a distinctive and charming touch suitable for spring.

  • Victoria Secret Night Angel body mist

Unlike all previous perfumes, this perfume has a bold scent, but it is feminine at the same time, as it relies on amber as a main ingredient, making it suitable for evening outings or even if you want a unique scent while you stay at home.

Now that you know these clever fragrances, don’t they all deserve to be in your room? Visit the Victoria’s Secret store and get these perfumes and more at amazing prices when using the Victoria’s Secret coupon code provided exclusively by Coupaeon, which gives you huge discounts on all Victoria’s Secret perfumes and beauty products.

Victoria’s Secret Sale

Shopping during sales gives you a better chance to get the products you are looking for at discounted prices, so most people wait for the seasonal sale time to buy the products they want. There’s no time to waste! Most of the time, products go extremely fast (especially body care and beauty products).

As they say, if you’re contemplating on an item, grab it and put it in your bag while you decide.

Victoria’s Secret offers seasonal discounts on all its products, which may reach 75%, so we recommend that you make sure you don’t miss your chance as soon as you see the word “discounts”.

Victoria’s Secret Coupons

Victoria’s Secret seeks through its website to provide a better, easier and more convenient shopping experience for customers, so it provides many offers, discounts, and exclusive Victoria’s Secret coupons to give the user an affordable shopping experience within everyone’s reach.

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