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There is no doubt that the biggest dream of every girl is to have consistently a blemish-free, glowing and smooth skin, but since not everyone is blessed with skin that’s always glowing, more care may be required, especially with the daily exposure of the skin to many factors that lead to its exhaustion, starting from unhealthy diets, daily make-up, and lack of drinking enough water or being exposed to enough healthy sunlight, as all these factors negatively affect the skin and gets it to gets it to lose its youthfulness little by little.

Cleansing your skin is considered the number one step in the skin care routine, as good skin cleaning helps to reopen closed pores, which in turn helps stimulate blood circulation and regenerate dead cells. Hence the importance of using a face wash suitable for the nature of your skin, as with the correct use of the appropriate wash, you are guaranteed to get fresh, clean and bright skin.

With the large number of cleansers in the market, it is difficult to choose the most suitable cleanser. You may be using face wash regularly, but you still notice that your skin is dry, and perhaps this is simply because you are using a face wash that is not suitable for your skin type.

Deciding on the right cleanser for your face can seem like a guessing game. The right cleanser can ensure that your makeup is set evenly, help show how fresh your skin is, and even prevent pimples, but it all depends on which one you choose.

Determining your skin type is the most important step of all in the process of choosing the right face wash for you, as the types of skin are so diverse, your skin can be oily and sensitive at the same time, and your skin type may not be the same now that it was when you were a teenager. Your skin gets drier as you get older due to hormonal changes. It may become more sensitive or less sensitive as well, so make sure to choose the product that best suits your skin, each type of skin requires special care, taking your skin type, whether sensitive, oily, dry or mixed, and factors such as your age in consideration, all this will help you choose a cleanser that brings out the best of your skin.

Also, bear in mind that the facial cleanser that works for you today may not suit you after months or a year from now, as your skin changes with the seasons, with your age and changes in your diet, so you may need to adjust your cleaning routine every once in a while, but once you find the facial cleanser that suits your skin at the present time, wash your face with it in the morning and evening, although some people with dry skin prefer to wash their face before bedtime only.

Whether you prefer to use it morning and evening or evening only, follow up on washing your face with a suitable moisturizer.

What is a face wash and what does it do for your skin?

Your perfect face wash should essentially get rid of dirt, sweat, bacteria, dead cells, and make-up from the surface of the skin. It also helps brighten your skin, standardize its color and remove dead skin cells, without being harsh on the skin. An unsuitable face wash can clog pores, a dry cleanser can irritate the skin, and a suitable cleanser gently exfoliates, treating dull skin.

How do you choose the most suitable face wash for combination skin?

Combination skin care may be difficult, as combination skin differs from dry and oily skin, and it is generally a mixture of the two together. The mixed skin owner inevitably notices more oil, especially on the forehead, nose, and chin, while the other parts are usually normal or dry, so it needs a cleanser that effectively removes dirt and oils but at the same time does not further dry out or irritate areas that tend to be dry.

For the owner of this type of skin, you should use a gel face wash. On the one hand it helps get rid of excess oils and moisturizes the skin thanks to its basic formula that contains water, and on the other hand it purifies the pores from the depths and removes all oils and dirt without causing dehydrated skin.

Wash your face with a cleanser and leave it for a few minutes, so that it does its job and remove dirt and oils. But do not leave it on your skin for a long time, not to cause dryness of the skin, and during washing, massage your face in circular motions, starting from the inside out to stimulate the blood and make a light massage for the skin.

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