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Coupaeon is here to make you worry less and get the best hardware products without spending so much money in the Ace UAE store. The store is known for numerous quality home improvement products related to electronics, household tools, home appliances, garden tools, decoration items, and car and furniture care.

With Ace UAE promo codes, you can purchase any desired product and save up to 10 percent while shopping online.

Ace UAE online stores offer more than just discounted rates on your favorite products; they are also reputable for offering the best and most durable products at affordable rates. Read further to see more mouthwatering offers they have for you and get to know how you can benefit from the Ace UAE coupon codes as a customer.

About Ace UAE

ACE was formed in 1991 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The online store is a fraction of Al-Futtaim  Group, and they are renowned for providing the best accessories for both interior and exterior settings. Some products available in the store include safety equipment, home appliances, car accessories, paints, decoration materials, pet supplies, garden tools, and playmats for kids.

You can see almost every hardware product you wish to purchase when you visit the Ace online store. More than 50 thousand items are available in different groups and collections, which means Ace has covered you for everything hardware! With what Ace UAE offers, you can easily amend your home, fix your garden, and give your car a new look.


Ace offers premium accessories and equipment from the best international product manufacturers, such as;

  • Dyson
  • Bosch
  • Weber
  • Karcher
  • Homeworks
  • Bissell
  • Broil King
  • 3M
  • Nespresso
  • Gardena
  • Makita

Suppose you live in a beautiful home with a large garden space that also looks boring. In that case, you may want to try some high-quality equipment obtainable at the Ace UAE online store website. You will find several product options such as beautiful planting equipment, grills, home furniture, irrigation systems, and a host of other hardware equipment to improve your home.


Alongside all these magnificent products, Ace offers an easy customer care service that can help you with your needs, guide you on your options and handle complaints without delay. So, the store is affordable with beautiful premium items, which are also very reliable. Additionally, as part of Ace’s dedication to commendable customer service, the store is certified as “helpful” in maintaining worldwide Ace standards.

What Ace Offers

Ace offers a wide range of hardware products for anyone interested in home, car, and furniture care. You can save more on discounted products with the Ace UAE coupon codes. Ace online stores offer the following hardware products:

DIY and Tools

Ace offers a wide range of power equipment, tool boxes, hardware, power tool accessories, plumbing supply, storage, wood and timber, ladders, security essentials, electrical essentials, and more.   The products are usually designed by top manufacturers like Yale, Makita, Bosch,  CAT, etc. While shopping online, you can purchase these quality products at minimal rates using Ace UAE promo codes.

Homeware and Furniture

A vast range of products is also available under the Ace UAE online store products category. You can find the following items while shopping for your furniture and homeware; food and drinking storage,  bedding items, home decor products, cooking and dining sets, bathroom products, home storage products,  lighting, and laundry items.


Notable brands feature these durable products, including; Leifheit, Sterilite, Brabantia, Wenko, Bold, and Rubbermaid. The interesting thing about purchasing these products in Ace UAE stores is that you can save big with the help of Ace UAE coupon codes for all your online hardware products.

Car Care

Like other offers, Ace has available products for car services. It offers the following products: maintenance and repair tools, child safety equipment, cleaning devices, off-road essentials, car seats, car accessories, and several more.    Many of these products are manufactured by famous brands such as Michelin,  Bushranger, Armor All, Sparco, Auto Plus, and Turtle Wax. They are given at the most affordable rates when you use Ace UAE discount codes while shopping.


Decoration and Painting

Ace provides the best decoration and painting products to help you enhance the appearance of your home at an affordable rate. You can find several products in this category, such as abrasives and sandpapers, paint cleaners, trays and rollers, putty knives, etc.


For your decor needs, you can explore items like tapes, adhesives, glue, caulk guns and caulk, filters and sealants, protective sheets, etc. You can purchase these items from renowned brands like Clark + Kensington, Amy Howard, Dulux, Valspar, 3M, and Rust-Oleum at discounted rates by using  Ace discount codes.

Garden and Outdoor 

The garden and outdoor category provide quality products for barbecue and grill equipment, garden furniture, garden power tools, garden storage, garden hand tools, outdoor lighting and equipment, pools and tub products, and more.


You can shop from the best product brands like Weber, Kamber, Lisbon, etc. You can purchase these products at the best discounts using the Ace UAE coupon codes.

Electronics and Appliances

Electronics and Appliances are vital products  offered by Ace UAE online stores. Ace online stores provide these hardware products for pocket-friendly amounts. In this category, you can find products like large and small kitchen wares, such as coffee machines, grills, juicers, kettles, steamers, toasters, rice cookers, blenders, washing machines, ovens, refrigerators, dryers, dishwashers, sandwich makers, etc.


Top brands like Dyson, Bosch, Panasonic, Media, LG, Black + Decker, and Nespresso make these items available. Also, you can purchase these premium items by applying for discounts using Ace UAE discount codes, to help you save more.

Ace UAE Payment Methods

Ace allows customers to enjoy different benefits, including making the online payment structure very easy to explore.


They accept several sources of payments, including:

  • Credit Cards (Master card, American Express, Visa card )
  • Cash on delivery
  • Apple pay

These payment platforms are tangible, and you have nothing to fear as Ace offers all-around security that safeguards your information from getting into the hands of outsiders. For those paying with their card, it can be easy to refund you if any complaints arise during the cause of your purchase.


Additionally, before checking out of the Ace online store page, ensure you save money using the Ace UAE promo codes to slash up to 10% off your purchases.

Shipping Services in UAE

Ace is one of the most sought-after stores within and outside UAE because they have customers all over the country and beyond. Their delivery system is quick and reliable, and items purchased online are what customers receive. However, shipping products can depend on your area such that, If you are within the United Arab Emirates, it may take 3-5 days before the item gets to you.


If you are ordering an item outside the UAE, Keep in mind that it could take longer to get to you, as the delivery period usually takes up to 10 days. Additionally, when you use the  Ace discount code, you can benefit from enjoying a free delivery service of all your favorite products. Also, customers can rest assured that their products are in safe hands during shipment because third-party courier service agents ensure every delivery is successful.

Return, Replacement, and Refund Policy at Ace

Return policy

If you are returning an item you purchased, you are expected to do so at the given time, usually within 14 days after it was shipped. Fortunately, Ace does not charge an additional fee for any returned product.

Exchange and Refund Policy 

You can exchange or be refunded the amount spent on any item you bought from the Ace online store for up to 30 days, depending on the date on the receipt. The customer care service is usually friendly, and you can be assured that your complaint can be handled easily. They can give you a time frame to send the product for inspection before considering your request if the item has maintained its original status in the right package and label. If the item is already used, it will not be accepted by the store.


If you are not pleased with the purchase, you can ask the store to exchange the item or ask for a refund to the payment source you used when purchasing the product. What’s more? You cannot ask the store to refund you or exchange the following products; video games, products requiring installations, personal care products, or used products.


Ace UAE Shopping Tips

An ace is a reliable option for purchasing hardware and home improvement items online in the UAE. The store normally offers reduced sales or discounts on selected products, and sometimes it offers a total range of the products. Ace offers discounted rates through Ace UAE promo and coupon codes, and it helps you save more money.


The following tips can be helpful when shopping on the Ace online store:

You Can Benefit From the Price Comparison:

Several popular home improvement stores provide price matching for most renowned brands sold online or at other retail companies. You can conduct personal research before purchasing an item online by scouting for other retailers offering similar sales and how much they sell the products. You will likely save more with Ace, especially when you use the Ace UAE coupon codes to shop.

You Can Buy the Most Beneficial Products

Buying products from Ace is great, but since it is an online platform, there are a few products that you should consider more. Ace stores are good for huge items since they normally offer amazing discount prizes. However, minimal items, such as cleaning supplies, home decor products, small appliances, and grilling accessories, can be different.

Ace  UAE Special Offer

Ace online stores offer special deals for all customers. But, customers must have an account with the online business to enjoy this offer. Customers usually enjoy rewards for referring others to buy on the platform. Discount sales are often offered on products like interior furniture, kitchen appliances, light and accessories, bathroom products, kitchen storage, etc., where you shop and save money.


Ace UAE offers special Black Friday Sales, which help customers to purchase hardware and home improvement essentials at a reduced amount. The offer is usually available for customers desiring to purchase electronics, furniture, home appliances, and other large items. You can benefit from these sales by using the Ace UAE coupon code.

How to Contact Ace Customer Care Support

Ace offers an effective and quick responsive customer care operation that you can easily access. You can contact Ace customer care support for inquiries, complaints, and guidance concerning Ace online stores.


You can contact them via email at “,” or you can reach them on the phone by calling


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How to Use Coupon or Promo Codes

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