Dakheel Oud Emirates discount code

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Al Dakhil Oud purchase voucher

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Features of Al-Dakheel Oud Store

Al Dakheel Oud Store has many features such as:-

  • Providing unique, high-quality items to the customer that suit his preferences according to several criteria to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • We strive for continuous development and improvement in all elements of production and management.
  • It always occupies a dominant position in the Oud industry and oriental scents locally and regionally.
  • Work to create new items that meet consumers’ tastes and repeated needs.
  • All employees must make their full dedication to implementing quality standards.
  • One Cohesive Team: We are dedicated to creating a highly qualified team while offering a unique workplace that promotes excellence and innovation.
  • Al-Dakhil UAE discount code for Oud provides discounts of up to 5% on the various types of oud that it provides.

About Al Dakheel Oud Store

Al-Dakheel Al-Oud Company is proud of its history of more than 38 years in the manufacture of oud and perfumes, and customers trust Al-Dakheel Oud Company because it has ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 9001 certificates.

Due to the company’s excellent products, a strong sense of trust, and availability of many skillfully crafted products, including a wide range of oud and perfumes. In addition, its products are distinguished for their diversity and creativity.

Body creams, body oils, hand sanitizers, and other materials for personal and home care are available. These products can be found in all company branches inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and through its online store, where you can get up to a 5% Al Dakheel Oud Emirates Discount code.

Al-Dakheel Oud Company strives to support the implementation of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which is centered on promoting and developing the local industry in all global markets, and it is pleased that its products carry the slogan “Made in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The sections inside Al-Dakhil Oud Store

Al Dakheel Oud Company store offers a very unique collection of perfume products, which can be found in the following sections:-

  • Perfume section:– A selection of the best perfumes specially designed for you because you need a scent that makes you unique with the most famous perfumes that have been released globally; You can select any scent you like or are looking for while activating Al Dakheel Emirates discount code for Oud.
  • Mixes section:- Combining two or more perfumes to form a special new scent in which the best scents combine on the one hand and produce a perfume that has a single scent in itself on the other hand, as we have the best of these products with the presence of Al Dakheel Oud Emirates discount coupon.

Perfumes and incense section in Al-Dakhil Oud store

  • Fresheners section:- This section includes the best fresheners such as Rashosh Laylaty, an elegant fragrance full of refreshing layers to give your home a beautiful, irresistible scent. Red Crown perfume and many other products are also available with Al Dakheel Oud Emirates flash code.
  • Oud and incense section:- The fragrant oud from Al Dakheel Oud was selected from a special blend of the greatest types of Arabic oud, which gives the site a unique scent that won the love of many of its users, and you will get it with Al Dakheel Oud Emirates promo coupon.

Al Dakheel Oud discount code 5% on White Tag perfume

This perfume is distinguished by its heterogeneous components, which express the highness of the one who wears it. The fragrance consists of several refreshing scents that cannot be resisted, and White Tag has a scent that catches everyone’s eyes.

The fragrance is characterized by the smell of Italian bergamot and orange blossom. The heart of the fragrance is characterized by the smell of tuberose flower with honeysuckle. The base of the fragrance is characterized by the smell of patchouli with vanilla.

Shipping and delivery policy in Al-Dakhil Oud

Al Dakheel Oud places top priority on the happiness of its loyal customers and strives to deliver their purchases promptly.

It has agreements with the largest international shipping companies in the Kingdom to do so smoothly and safely.

You can use Aramex to track your delivery.

The company is also working to create easy shipping and delivery methods for the benefit of its customers and to offer the most direct delivery options.

Replacement and return policy in Al-Dakhil Oud

Contacting customer service will allow you to do so as long as the products are undamaged, packaged in their original packaging, and in good condition.

  • Only five days from the date of delivery of the purchase are allowed for exchange and refund.
  • The customer will be directed to the nearest branch to exchange the products.

Customer service in the store

These are the available ways to contact Al Dakheel Oud Customer Service:

  • Email address to contact us: Support@aldakheeloud.com
  • Contact phone number: +966509994888.

What are the cases in which it is not possible to return?

When a return request is submitted after the deadline, which is five days from the date of receipt, or when the product is damaged, used, opened, or the perfume packaging is damaged.

Is Al Dakheel Oud a reliable site?

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Is Al Dakheel Oud site original?

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Free shipping using Al Dakheel Oud coupon code

Most online stores seek to facilitate the shopping process and create a unique user experience, and one of the main ways to motivate customers to complete the purchase process is free shipping or free home delivery.

What some people do not know is that Al Dakheel Oud offers free shipping via Al Dakheel Oud Emirates discount code online if the value of the basket exceeds a certain amount, and the amount can be known

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What will you find in Coupaeon platform?

  • Al Dakhil Emirates discount coupons, , seasonal, through special daily offers.
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Who is the owner of Al-Dakhil Oud Foundation?

Ahmed Fahd Abdullah bin Dakhil

Representative of the Chairman of the Council of Interest and CEO of “Al-Dakhil Foundation for Oud and Oriental Perfumes”, Saudi Arabia. Director and founding partner of the “Al-Dakhil Investment Corporation”, in Saudi Arabia, with a percentage of fifty percent of the corporation’s capital.

Al-Dakhil is a well-known brand in the field of perfumes and ouds, offering a unique set of perfumes and ouds worldwide, and the establishment was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1983 by the sons of Fahd Ahmed and Khalid.

Their first showroom was in a market called Deira, and the commercial establishment continued to reconcile and manufacture commodities with distinguished specifications with high skill until it owned about eighty showrooms throughout the Gulf.

Finally, the new Al-Dakheel Oud Emirates discount code 2022 from Coupaeon gives the highest additional discount rate on Al-Dakheel Oud discounts and discounts available on the official website.Al-Dakheel Oud UAE coupon gives an additional 5% discount when used to buy from Al-Dakheel Oud online, and it can be used with any of the pieces available in Al-Dakheel Oud online store. Al-Dakheel Oud Company is considered one of the leading companies in the field of producing and manufacturing perfumes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for nearly 25 years.