About Ariika EGY Store

Arika EGY Store provides continuously sophisticated products to keep pace with the times and meet the needs of customers they are rigorously designed and up to industry standards.

The store manufactures convenient products at a special price in various colors and modern designs with the best ores.

The store rivals many other stores with its outstanding and trained team at the highest level to bring out the latest innovative ideas to make the store a permanent first.

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Products available at Ariika EGY Store

The store provides a modern selection of furniture pieces to make your home more comfortable and tasteful, and these pieces include:

  • Cabbage and chairs, tables, pet beds, butterflies, beach chairs.
  • Clem, Pads, Boilers, Mattresses, Pillows, Rob Bathroom, Quilt, Mattress Protectors, Astic Boiler, Carpets, Wall Rugs.
  • Basket, dining utensils, cups, vases, mirrors, floats.

    Distributors at Ariika EGY Store

The number of distributors in the store of Ariika EGY occupies many

places within the Arab Republic of Egypt, including

  • Nasr City Branch 1: Address 1 Mu’izz Al-Dawla Street, branch of Makram Abaid, telephone 01116111701
  • Nasr City Branch 2:5 Mu’izz Al-Dawla Street, branch of Makram Abaid, Telephone 222745124/ 222722031
  • Engineers Branch: 15 Ahmad Arabi Street Sphinx Square – telephone 01116111702
  • Mall Al Arab branch: telephone 01140493330/ 01140493331 telephone
  • Alexandria Branch: Landmark Plaza – Opposite Hilton Green Plaza – Tel. 34209793/34209795
  • Transit Branch: Ahmad Arabi Society intersection with Al-Abr Road – near Giro Land
  • Hurghada Branch: 127 District Street Banking – Tel 16985
  • New Cairo Branch 1: Concord Plaza Mall – Southern 90 – 01066644045 Phone
  • New Cairo Branch 2: Rahab Road – 3 Mohammed Njibe Street – Silver Star Mul- 01020846456 Phone
  • New Cairo Branch 3: Helpful Compound Administrative Building – Last El-Tisan Street – 01066643137 Phone
  • Nasr City Branch: Al-Nakhil – Tenth Quarter – Phone 01066644044
  • Sheikh Zayed Branch: Streep Mall – Beverly Hills – Sheikh Zaid – Next to Saudi Arabia – 01066644041 Phone
  • North Coast Branch: Entrance to the new city of Alamein near the town of 7-phone 01012241838

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Privacy Policy at Ariika EGY Store

Credit card details and personal information taken from the customer are not stored, sold, shared, or rented within Ariika EGY to any third party.

The Customer must visit the Website Policy and the associated Terms and Conditions to learn about any updates to meet the Customer’s requirements, which are valid on the same day as their publication

Client Communication Objectives

  • To facilitate shopping through the site, use its services, and get rid of entering the same information multiple times
  • Development in services provided via the site
  • Protect the rights of the store and the customer and their property

    No Spam Policy

Ariika EGY has a firm policy to ban the use of any spam data

Options for personal information

  • The customer must log in to his e-mail at the home page of Ariika EGY Store before registering for any service within the store, and provide his personal information.
  • The store first requests customers’ consent before using its information for any purpose not found in the Terms and Conditions of the homepage.
  • The site can reset its browser to reject cookies, and it follows that it may not disrupt some of the site’s features and services

    Sharing information

Ariika EGY Store refuses to share the customer’s personal information except with his consent, to process the personal information by the affiliates of the store, by the privacy policy and appropriate confidentiality and security.

The objective of accessing and maintaining this information is necessary to

  • To implement laws, regulations, legal procedures, and the Government’s applicable requests.
  • To verify possible violations of existing services and impose their conditions.
  • Protect the customer from fraud problems and detect and prevent technical problems and achieve security.
  • Prevent violations of customers’ and visitors’ rights, property, and safety by the laws.

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Terms and Conditions of Shopping via Ariika EGY

Site Policy

All conditions apply to all products and services in Ariika EGY. This policy controls the preservation and disclosure of users’ information, namely

  • The site is subject to the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the event of any disputes, claims, or values
  • Users under the age of 18 cannot log on to the site, deal and use the site
  • The customer must keep a copy of the store records, policies, and rules

    Personal Identification Information

Ariika EGY collects information from customers in many countless ways when visiting and registering the client on the site and subscribing to the newsletter and everything related to the activity and services on the site by filling out the subscription form, asking the user to write his full name, email address and personal phone number

It is worth mentioning that Ariika EGY’s website allows its users to visit without disclosing their details

The user can refuse to provide their personal information to the site which may prevent them from participating in certain activities on the site

Non-Personal Identification Information

Which includes the browser name, type of computer, and some technical information about the client’s means of communication with the site, such as knowledge of the operating system and similar information

Ariika EGY Store website uses aggregated customer information

When collecting personal information from the customer in Ariika EGY, they are used for the following purposes

  • To improve the store’s customer service
  • To respond more effectively to user support requests and needs
  • To improve the on-site service of online offers and others by knowing the information and comments of the user
  • To learn about topics that are useful for customers to manage, promote and explore content
  • Collected information about the customer is used to send them e-mails with updates related to their order, and answer their queries

Delivery and Shipping Service at Ariika EGY Store

The website of the Ariika EGY Store does not deal with any country that imposes sanctions on a monitoring office with foreign assets following the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt

The order may be shipped several times if multiple shipments and the monthly account of the cardholder are also disclosed

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Product Retrieval Policy at Ariika EGY Store

The Ariika Store accepts returns free of charge if you send a faulty product or if the customer does not see it in the product after payment.

This is subject to several conditions, including

  • The product is returned in the original packaging in which you received the product
  • The packaging is sealed and never opened
  • Put the attached invoice sealed with the discounted product

Refund and Cancellation Policy in Ariika EGY

Processing fees apply to applications paid through the credit card when the order is canceled and are worth 3% of the order value.

The store sends the value of returned shipments through the payment method used upon purchase.

When there is a product that meets the terms of the return in your order, you need to contact customer service to find out how to track the return of the product to the store through the Ariika EGY truck.

It is worth mentioning that products returned without customer service knowing they are shipped back and returned to the customer.

Please check the product and conforms to the restoration terms of the Ariika EGY store to avoid rejection of the shipment and return it to you again.

After verifying and accepting your order and returned product, you will be able to obtain it by

  • Replacing the product with another product from store Ariika EGY
  • Get the price of the product in the form of a voucher buy in Ariika
  • Or obtaining financial receivables through a bank transfer

    Frequently Asked Questions on the Website of Ariika EGY Store

    What if I change my mind about the product and want to return it?

You must contact Customer Service and apply the terms of return of the products and complete the return process, which is within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order

It should be noted that some products are accepted for up to 30 days to return

What if the desired product has a manufacturing defect?

Please contact Customer Service within 14 days of receiving the order, and the Customer Service Team will check the defect and respond to your order ASAP

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Application Policy in Ariika EGY

  • Special orders made in the customer’s opinion take up to 12 working days
  • To share complaints and problems with the site you need to contact customer service on the 01060045151 number
  • To track your order, you need to call 01060045151 from 10 am to 7 pm

Please contact Ariika EGY Store Customer Service if there are any questions related to the Privacy Policy or Retrieval Policy and Website Practices and Transactions.

The user has 30 days from the date of receipt of sofas, chairs, beds, and tables to return them if he wishes.

The mattresses can be returned to the store after a trial period of up to 30 days from the date of receipt.

Return of products is not accepted in the following cases

  • If the damage is caused by the customer’s misuse of the product or its dirty.
  • The customer intentionally used or changed the product.
  • The product replacement service is not yet available but you can site to return the product and then start buying again.
  • The product is not accepted to be sent after the 30-day return period from the date of receipt of the product and attach the products in its original packaging, warranty card, accessories, or promotional gifts with the returned shipment.

What is the policy for returning furniture and postponing delivery in the store of Ariika EGY?

The terms and policy of the return of products are as follows

  • The user has 72 hours after submitting the purchase order to the store and at those specified hours has full flexibility in canceling the order or making changes in the product color and other changes.
  • The customer recovers the full purchase amount upon cancellation of the order within 72 hours specified after ordering the product.
  • If the order is canceled within 7 days from the date of the order of the product, only 50% of the customer’s payment will be refunded
  • After 7 days the order cannot be amended or canceled

Ariika EGY Store can postpone the delivery of the product up to 3 months from the date of purchase order provided the full amount is paid

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Delivery Policy at Ariika EGY Store

The available portion of your order will be shipped if no one is available, and the other part will be shipped when available at the store as soon as possible

The delivery date varies from place to place due to fast shipping practices, the destination of delivery, and the number of items required. In addition, your order may be delivered in separate shipments

Shipping costs depend on the weight of orders in the shipment and your destination and the costs for shipping the order are non-refundable

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