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About Basharacare

Basharacare is a large online store that has a vast range of high-brand products for beauty and skincare. It came into the business in the year 2012 with the big purpose to fulfill the beauty, hair, and skin-care-related needs of both women and men living in the Middle East and across the globe,  by providing them with top-notch and the most essential collections of brands that are dermatologically good for use and brings safe results.

Basharacare KWT online stores distribute only top-edition skincare products, beauty products, makeup, grooming, and haircare that are manufactured by renowned companies globally. Basharacare is associated with high manufacturing brands like:

  • Jane Iredale
  • Derma
  • SkinMedica
  • Skinceuticals
  • Dr. Organic
  • Dermalogica
  • Exuviance
  • Eve Lom
  • Dr. Hauschka
  • Eucerin
  • Elemis
  • Strivectin
  • Filorga
  • South Beach Skin Solutions
  • NeoStrata
  • RapidLash

They provide the best customer care service to cater to customers making inquiries about a particular product or those who wish to return, replace, or get a refund for products they no longer want. Generally, Basharacare is aimed at providing customers with the best brands at thrilling prices, so do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity by using the Basharacare KWT promo codes to buy their products and save big.

What Basharacare Offers

Basharacare KWT online stores sell beauty products from different branches. With their main office and warehouse designated in Dubai, the products are usually kept in an air-conditioned store. Basharacare is a 21st-century store, and they only carry out their business online. This means they do not have any offline store or retail location.

Since shopping online has become the new trend for many individuals, Basharacare partners with many top beauty brands to give you the best products that will help enhance your skin. At Basharacare care, customers can find a quality selection of makeup products, grooming range, skincare, etc. You can find all skin regimens at this store, such as Body Exfoliants, Body scrubs, Bath Treatments, Eye makeup remover, Face concealer, Face foundation, Foot care products, and many more.

After processing your order, the products are protected in a temperate environment until they get to you. The delivery vehicles are often air-conditioned to ensure the products are in the same condition as during their storage at the warehouse.

With Basharacare KWT coupon codes, you can have the following products and more at discounted rates.

Face Serums

BasharaCare is one of the best websites for buying good products like face serums, at modest prices. Special serums in this category like Repair Ampoule Set 7x2mL, Lifting Ampoule Set 7x2mL, Active serum, and other expensive brands are usually worth saving money for. But, when you apply Basharacare KWT promo codes while ordering any of these products, you will receive 15 percent discounts automatically.


BasharaCare also has different brands of shampoos in their store that produce better results for your hair development than many stores. In this category, you can find quality shampoo brands to select from, including Intensive Hydrating shampoo, Extreme length shampoo, Color obsessed shampoo, L’Oreal professional mythic oil set, Repair shampoo, and many more products.

Additionally, since these products are manufactured by high-quality producers, their prices are normally high. However, Coupon partners with Basharacare stores to help you get nice products and save more, by offering you the opportunity to purchase any shampoo beauty products you desire, using the  Basharacare KWT discount codes, provided by them.

Hair Conditioners

You may be familiar with many beauty stores to purchase hair conditioners for your hair care. But, Basharacare does not only have a large section of this product, they have the best that can help nurture your hair and scalp and prevent your hair from getting damaged.

A few premium-made products in this category include Repair hair conditioner,    Dark Envy Hydrating Conditioner, and Moisture balancing conditioners. These products are available at fair prices when you apply Basharacare KWT promo codes.

Body Moisturizers

For your skincare, the body moisturizers you use must be from reputable brands to make you stand out in the crowd. So, if you want to have the best quality skin moisturizers, you can simply find them on the Basharacare KWT online stores. Some products in this segment include; Lilikar syndet, Velvet skin, Moisturizing body lotions, and lots more.

Your moisturizer needs can be met if you purchase the products with Basharacare KWT coupon codes. Applying for purchase with this code allows you to shop for expensive body moisturizers with a discount of 15 percent.

Body Wash

You can also find all kinds of body washes from different high-brand sources to improve your skin. They have a unique line of body wash products including Spearmint Body Wash, Rose Shower Cream, Effaclar Micro-peeling Gel, Almond Butter, etc. These products can be purchased with substantial discounts if you enter a Basharacare KWT promo code while shopping on the website.

Basharacare Payment Methods

While placing an order to purchase your favorite skin and beauty care products, you can have a professional dermatologist help you make the best choice or follow up with the frequently asked questions, customer reviews, and several complaints that you will see on the website. If you are good to go with any products, checkout and ensure you use the Basharacare KWT discount codes to pay less before you proceed to make your payment.

Basharacare, being a modern store, works toward pleasing their customers by making sure they have quality services only. For this reason, their payment methods are simple and they include the following;

Credit/Debit Cards ( Master and Visa cards) and Cash on Delivery.

Shipping Details

Immediately you process your payment or negotiate your payment options in the case of paying Cash on Delivery, Basharacare will send your delivery details through email or text message. Your estimated delivery period will be stated in the notification.

Basharacare carries out its shipment and delivery within the country of distribution and across the GCC including Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Basharacare time of delivery depends on the customer’s mode of payment and location. So, if you paid through a Credit/Debit card and you live within Kuwait, you can receive the item within 3-8 days.

Those living outside Kuwait may have a longer delivery time. However, customers who wish to pay for their products on the date of delivery are mostly not allowed to use the discount codes to buy products online and it takes up to 10 days before they can receive the product at their doorstep.

Basharacare Care Return, Replacement, and Refund Policy

Basharacare KWT online store is one of the best stores to shop for all skin and beauty needs, and it is widely known for having tested and trusted products with no side effects. However, most customers can still have issues while shopping from the store, and they are often left with the option of returning, replacing, or getting a refund for the product they purchased.

Customers can either return, exchange, or ask for their money to be sent back to them if they are not satisfied for the following reasons;

  • Products that have passed their expiry date
  •  Defect in material
  • Dissatisfaction with product workmanship or design
  • Lack of quality or product unfit for its intended purpose.

Basharacare allows customers to return a product for exchange and refund, but it must be made within 7 days, counting from the date of delivery. Also, any product that is to be returned to the store must not be used or opened, it can only be returned in its original state.  Refund of the product will be processed after it has been carefully scrutinized. Also, Customers can only request for a refund or exchange by first contacting Basharacare customer care through email or hotlines on the websites.

 BasharaCare Shopping Tips

While it is so much fun to shop at Basharacare KWT online stores, you can shop for your best products with the assuring tips that will help you save money. Before shopping for any product at the Basharacare website, find out if there are coupons for you to apply for by visiting Coupaeon sites to see if they have discount offers that enable you to get an item at Basharacare.

When you have discounts that help you save money, you can simply add more items to the cart or save for something else. So, before you finish processing any product purchase, apply Basharacare KWT coupon codes to get a discount of up to 15 percent.

Asides from the discount options, try the FAQ sections on the Basharacare website to see how they respond to customers’ needs, read a few customer reviews about the products you want to buy, and explore the site to see all the brands they associate with.

Customers can also follow BasharaCare on social media platforms like their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, to get notifications on new arrivals and promo packages. You can also read news bulletins about Basharacare discount deals by browsing the website.

Basharacare Special Offers

Since your aim of buying Basharacare products includes saving more money, you can benefit from the spectacular offer by Coupaeon,  to get a discount of 15 percent off your online purchase when you use Basharacare KWT promo codes and also get additional discounts when you use your Credit card to pay for the item.

How to Contact Basharacare Customer Service

Basharacare gives its best to customers who need them. They understand that problems can suddenly arise during payment, shipment, and delivery, which is why they normally prepare ahead of these problems. Where a customer is not satisfied with the product they receive at their doorstep, Basharacare makes it easy for that product to be returned and accessed before the customer is refunded or gets another product.

Basharacare uses the FAQ sections on their website to answer light questions from customers who are eager to know more about certain products, payment plans, rewards or coupon options, and more special offers. Also, customers with serious complaints can use their email or phone number options.

Basharacare can be easily contacted through email at or you can contact them by phone at +96522270154 if you are residing in Kuwait. Another way to keep in touch is by engaging them in a friendly conversation through FAQ sections.

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How to Use Basharacare Coupon Codes

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