You now have the luxury of shopping online from the comfort of your home and having your books delivered to you without going to the store to shop for your favorite books. In addition, you would enjoy 10 percent off the regular price of every book you purchase using the Booksvenue UAE discount codes.

About Booksvenue

Launched in 2021, Booksvenue is an international book retail store that deals with all kinds of books; they offer an array of contents ranging from thriller, music, romance, travel, love and romance, diet & nutrition, and lots more. Book venue, one of the largest online bookstores in the Middle East with over 15 million books, has something for every book lover.

Book Venue Offers a wide range of books, which are available on the website. With over 15 million books available, Booksvenue makes searching for books on the website more accessible for their customers as they can easily search by book titles, authors, or ISBN and get what they want in a few seconds.

Booksvenue offers books at a very affordable rate, which makes buying copies easier for customers. However, with their partnership with Coupaeon, customers can now buy more copies of their favorite books as they stand the chance of getting 10 percent off all their purchases if they use Booksvenue Coupon codes when paying.

Also known for its impeccable delivery system, Booksvenue prides itself on speedy delivery of books ordered. Booksvenue boasts of safe delivery of orders to over 75 countries, and customers do not have to wait too long as deliveries take between 7-10 working days.

What Booksvenue Offers

Booksvenue, the largest online bookstore in the middle east, has a vision of providing “All Books to Everyone” by allowing their customers to select a range of books from their vast collection. With over 15 million books in stock, Booksvenue Prides itself in helping its customers access various books at very affordable prices.

Booksvenue is aimed at revolutionizing bookselling by combining a vast deep selection of books authored by the finest local and international authors to ensure the needs of all readers are met. They have an amicable website that helps customers navigate through and make their orders with beneficial features that encourage hassle-free orders.

They ensure to put an excellent logistic plan together to help quickly deliver customers’ orders to their doorstep; this way, customers do not have to wait too long to get their books. Customers have the luxury of getting a free delivery when they order books worth 100 AED and above.

In addition, they ship books worldwide using courier companies such as DHL, FedEx, and other great logistic companies. In a bid to ensure their readers are updated, Booksvenue regularly add new collections of books to their gallery, and some books you could find handy include:

Romance and love

Booksvenue offers a range of romance and love books that customers can select from. Their high-quality premium romance books authored by both local and international authors have beautiful stories and compelling characters that stir up the readers’ emotions and satisfaction. These books are written with simple, easy-to-understand terms, legible characters, and thoroughly edited.

Booksvenue gives their customers the best quality of e-books just in case they do not need the hard copy; there’s always an alternative on the website. Booksvenue sell their love and romance books at a cheap rate and delivery is timely too.


Are you interested in getting up-to-date information about gardening? Then you may need to consider taking a tour around Booksvenue’s website as they have updated books on the knowledge you seek about gardening. Whether you are interested in soft copies or hard copies, Booksvenue online store has you covered. In addition, you are sure to get these books at a very affordable price and have them delivered to your doorsteps at the appropriate time.

Action and adventure

If you are an action and adventure books lover, you need to check out the books collection on Booksvenue. They offer well-sourced action and adventure books that grips your attention and sustains your interest while reading. They frequently update their books gallery, so you do not have to worry about not having exciting books to satisfy your reading fantasies. These books are readily available online, and you get prompt delivery of the hard copy if that’s your preference.


Booksvenue offers you all the information you need to have about different locations in the world. They have books that shed proper light on all the exciting locations and nooks and crannies of the world. Suppose you are a tourist, solo traveler, lover of vacations, or simply interested in traveling. In that case, you need to visit their store as there is updated information about food, transportation, accommodations, and fun activities to engage in while on vacation at your preferred location. They frequently update their travel book collections, so be sure to get updated about your travel plans. Travel books are available online as hard copies are available for you to choose.


With a collection of books from the finest chefs and food writers, you may never go out of ideas on what to cook. Booksvenue furnishes your food books collections with recent books that have up-to-date varieties of new foods, cooking styles, and recipes in trend. Chefs and individuals who need to improve their culinary skills would have a swell time going through the vast collection of food books available in soft and hard copies.

Payment methods

Booksvenue being the most prominent online bookstores in the middle east services over 75 countries, they have in place a well-structured means of payment to endeavor customers to pay for their ordered books without hassles. And when you pay with the Booksvenue UAE promo codes, you get 10 percent off all your purchases. They accept payment with international Visa and master’s cards. However, other flexible means of payment may include:

Credit cards/ Debit Cards: They accept payment with international visas and masters cards while purchasing on the website. Some debit cards are acceptable, however, it depends on the payment gateway.

Cash on Delivery: The cash on delivery payment option is open to book shoppers in the United Arab Emirates; they have the luxury of paying for products ordered on delivery. However this option of paying is not available to some GCC countries, but there are plans to include this payment option.

PayPal: The option of paying with your PayPal account is available to shoppers; you can make your payment as you shop from Booksvenue. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create one with your credit and debit card to make payment.

Buy Now, Pay Later: This payment option will be added soon to make buying easier as Booksvenue ensures flexibility for their customers.

In addition to all these payment options, you stand a chance to get 10 percent off all your purchases when you use the Booksvenue UAE promo code to make your purchases.

Booksvenue UAE Shipping Details

Booksvenue provides shipping services to customers to help them deliver their ordered products. With a presence in over 75 countries and their capital in Dubai, they deliver books sourced from publishers locally and internationally to their customers in every location in the world.

Gift Cards and E-Books are emailed to the user’s registered email Id, others books are delivered to customers. Delivery days are mentioned on the product detail page. However, some books are sourced internationally and may take 10-15 working days to get to the customer.

Also, an automatic email is sent to the customer once an order is sent out with the courier name and docket number; with this, customers do not have to worry about missing items as they can easily track their products.

Delivery charges are free for products worth AED 100 and above in the United Arab Emirates. However, for other countries, the shipping charge is calculated considering the weight of the product and its destination. Kindly note that as per UAE Law, 5% of VAT is applicable for all purchases online on

Also, it’s important to note that orders from countries with possible restrictions are being checked to confirm; if there is a restriction, the courier service may not be able to be delivered; hence, your order is canceled. Booksvenue does not have control on Taxes / Custom / Octroi charges, and it varies from country to country. If there are customer charges, the customer is in charge of paying for it.

Dispatched products get to the customer’s location in 3-7 working days according to the country; however, if you do not get your product within this period, it’s best you reach out to support to help you track and deliver your product as soon as possible.

Returns, Replacements, and Refunds

If there is a need to return books due to damages that accrued during delivery, books venue will ensure to pick up the damaged book and make a replacement at no extra cost. However, if customers resend the book back to the Booksvenue office in UAE, customers may have to pay for any extra cost incurred while sending the books back.

When replacements are required as a result of damage, the books may be replaced with a new one. When the damage is noticed on arrival, within the next 1 hour, send proof to support an investigation with the courier Company. Once it’s been established there was damage, you’d get a replacement.

In the case of refunds, once the order was made by credit or debit card, you’re eligible for a refund on that card. However, If the customer chooses the Cash on Delivery payment option, no cancellations are allowed if the book is dispatched In 7 – 14 working Days. If the payment method is gift coupons, then the customer is sure to get a refund, and if payment was made with a PayPal account, the refund will be to the PayPal account.

Also, kindly note that Booksvenue doesn’t guarantee the availability of the Books, E-books, or Gift Cards mentioned on the site. If the product is unavailable, your order is cancelled and a refund will be processed back to the credit card for the PayPal account used for the orders.

Customers may not be refunded if the books are bought as E-Books or Gift Cards which are email delivery. as the codes or downloadable options are options that are sent to the registered email address cannot be changed or sent to another customer. Customers are advised to reach out to their gift card companies if they encounter any issues.

Booksvenue UAE Shopping Tips

With over 15 million books on their website, it’s advisable you’re sure of the particular books you are interested in so as not to go through the hassles of refund, return, or replacement.

Also, it’s advisable you ask for support where needed and also to know about available books, so you do not have to wait for your orders. Also, you can use the Booksvenue UAE coupon codes to get 10 percent off all the prices of your books, and you can take advantage of the Gift coupon books 12 for a 12% discount on the website.

How to Contact Booksvenue UAE

Booksvenue UAE has impeccable customer service; they are readily available to support customers at any point in time. You can reach out to them via their website, email  or call them at 00971-585434099.

Why Use Coupaeon Deals and Offers

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How to use Booksvenue Coupon codes

After you’ve selected your desired books, proceed to make payment for your orders, before payment, you would be given an option to input your promo code or coupon. When you do that, input the Booksvenue discount promo codes, 10 percent is slashed off the actual price, then you can pay for the remaining balance.