Careem Services

Careem offers its customers from all over the world the latest technologies and means to get easy, fast and convenient rides. Here’s a quick look at all Careem services that are waiting for you.

  • Transportation

Careem offers you transportation means that allow you to get where you want in the easiest way possible, as you can book a car at the same time or schedule a ride for a later time with convenient and affordable options.

  • City-to-City Trips

You can also book a comfortable city-to-city trip with fixed rates.

  • Delivery Services

Want to send or receive any product or document without the hassle of a long ride? Careem provides delivery services to help you send and receive anything you want.

  • Careem Pay

Careem offers secure online payment methods for all Careem services.

Careem Coupon Code

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How to Use Careem Promo Code

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Careem Payment methods

Careem allows its customers to book their trips with easy payment methods, where you can find options such as credit cards, debit cards, or of course, cash after the trip.

Careem Application Features

  • Careem offers its customers the option to cancel the ride without being charged as long as it is within two minutes of booking. A cancellation of a reservation after 2 minutes on Careem will cost you a cancellation fee.
  • Careem guarantees you a safe, secure and comfortable drive with excellent drivers and high standards of service.
  • Careem application provides many payment methods, as you can book your trip on Careem app and pay with either cards or cash.
  • It provides its users with excellent customer support that guarantees you a fast solution to any problem or inquiry that you may have.
  • It provides you with a convenient ride that fits with your budget where you can choose from the best cars with the click of a button.

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How can I book a ride on Web?

First of all, sign in on and you’ll automatically be redirected to the easy-to-use booking screen. Choose all the ride details such as the passenger details, your pickup point, your drop-off point, pickup time, car type, payment method, and that’s it!

Is it possible to make multiple bookings?

You can have more than one scheduled booking, but you can’t have more than one ongoing booking, which means that if you are in a ride, you’ll be able to schedule a ride for later, but you’ll not be able to book another on-demand ride, and theirs is no limit to how many scheduled rides you can have.

How can I cancel a ride?

In case of you need to cancel a ride right after booking it and before the Captain arrives, you can choose “Cancel ride” in the top left corner of your Careem application screen. And in case you need to cancel a scheduled ride, you can go to Menu > Your rides > Scheduled, and choose the ride you want to cancel. Cancellation fees may apply to compensate the Captain for starting to move in your direction in both cases. For more information, please visit Careem Cancellation Policy page.

How can I pay my bills through Careem Pay?

You’ll simply find bill payments option on Careem Pay menu, choose the type of bill you need to pay, then choose your provider for Careem’s list of providers, and enter the bill number information or the requested consumer after which you can confirm and pay your bill.