About Carina Wear

Carina Wear is one of the few wear stores that care a lot about their customers. When it comes to experience, they have it all, as they have been around since 1996. Since their emergence, their customers have been the core and heart of their business.

For almost three decades, Carina has been using her intelligent intuition to empower her customers with joyful comfort. The wears from this store are not only good-looking but also comforting and increase self-confidence.

The store’s goal is to provide you with great value and high-quality everyday essentials to fulfill your everyday potentials. All their materials are from the best sources around the world. They aim to give you a unique class and style, enhancing your lifestyle while paying less.

Carina Wear is a highly organized business guided by seven principles. These principles help strengthen their connection, shape their culture, and guide their path. Their guiding principles are:

  • Humility and confidence
  • Customer centricity
  • “Can do” attitude
  • Ethics over gain
  • Spreading happiness and positivity
  • Courage
  • One family

Another notable thing about this store is that they have excellent customer service. They have stores across the globe, and each country has dedicated customer service. The customer representatives in Egypt are friendly and can communicate with you in any language you want.

What Carina Wear Offers in Egypt

Carina Wear is a global store with a strong presence here in Egypt. With almost three decades of experience, Carina Wear has expanded its stores to offer a wide variety of clothing lines. Here’s a breakdown of what this store offers.

Everyday Basics

You can rely on Carina Wear for everyday basics, including tops, bottoms, and knitwear. They offer a wider range of tops and bottoms in various sizes. Regardless of your style, color preference, or size, you will find your ideal everyday basics in this store.

They have a large collection of these basic wears, available in their hundreds. Whether you prefer long sleeves, short sleeves, tank tops, shorts, trousers, T-shirts, slim-fit sweatpants, jeans, breathable leggings, or flexible pants, you will find them in this section of the store.


Carina Wear also specializes in various types and designs of body wear. They have bottoms, tops, bodysuits, pantyhoses, shapewear, and socks. They have a large collection of clothes in these categories, so you can always find something that best suits your style and preference.

These products are made with various materials, including microfiber, cotton, wool, etc. There are high-quality pictures of these items on the website, enabling you to see the product’s quality before buying. Another amazing thing about this store is that what you see is what you will get. Each item is available in different sizes and colors, allowing you to choose a perfect fit and appealing color.


They also have a special category for underwear. You can find all sorts of underwear from this store, including panties, bras, and shapewear. Their underwear are made with the best quality materials, featuring safe and comfortable designs.

Knowing these items will have direct contact with your skin, they are made with 100 percent safe and sustainable materials to prevent any form of irritation on the skin. They have different designs, sizes, colors, and shapes of bras.

Whether you are looking for a strapless, full-size, or half-cut bra, you can rely on this store. You will also appreciate their great line of panties because they have appealing designs and are comfortable on the skin.


Carina Wear is known for being one of the best sleepwear stores in Egypt. They offer nightgowns, pajamas, and lingerie. Their sleepwear collection is guaranteed to meet your needs regardless of how you like to be at night. These items are also made with super comfortable materials to ensure you have a worry-free night’s rest.

They are designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit. Whether you like your nighties short or long, they have many options for you. Many items in their pajama collection are more than just sleepwear. They are so beautiful and highly presentable that you can wear them as evening or indoor clothes.


Carina Wear did not leave out active people and workout enthusiasts. If you are looking for the perfect outfit to keep you comfortable while active, Carina has the ideal wear for you. They have Activewear suitable for various indoor and outdoor activities, including running, jogging, skipping, walking, etc.

These wear are designed to provide maximum comfort and allow free movement of your body. They have high-rise leggings, sports bras, long sleeve slim fit tops, etc. You can also use this activewear to hit the gym and engage in various workout activities.

Carina Wear’s Payment Methods

Carina Wear is a 21st-century online store with a lot of exposure. This company has been around for a long time, and they always keep up with the latest trends and technology. This store accepts a wide variety of payments, including

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Premium Card
  • ValU
  • Cash on delivery

They offer nationwide delivery and accept cash on delivery, making online shopping safe and convenient for their customers. If you are skeptical of paying with your card online, the cash-on-delivery option is the best for you.

However, you have nothing to worry about, as the website is 100 percent safe and secure. They have a strong security system to protect online payment details and privacy. However, like most online stores, you can only apply the Carina Wear EGY discount codes at the checkout, which means you have to pay with your card. Rest assured, the platform is secure, and your payment details are safe.

Shipping Details

Once you process, checkout, and payout for your items on the website, you will receive a confirmation email from Carina Wear with your order details. The email will also contain delivery information, including the estimated delivery date.

Carina Wear offers standard shipping inside Egypt, which takes about three to five business days within Alexandria and Greater Cairo. However, it takes five to seven days for items to be delivered to the rest of Egypt.

Therefore, if you are within Greater Cairo and Alexandria, you can expect your order three days after the confirmation of the order. Carina Wear currently ships only inside Egypt. Nevertheless, the company plans to start shipping to the Gulf region soon.

In addition, the company offers free shipping for when you shop over 600 LE. You can take advantage of this great offer and use the Carina Wear EGY coupon codes to reduce shopping costs and save on delivery fees.

Returns, Replacement, and/or Refund Policy

Carina Wear also caters to the needs of customers who are not satisfied with their purchases. They have a customer-friendly return and refund policy, as customer satisfaction is one of their top priorities.

Return Policy

Customers are allowed to return an item they purchased within 14 days of receipt. However, there are some conditions for the return. To be eligible, the item must be:

  • In its original packaging
  • Unused and in the same condition you received it
  • You must have proof or receipt of the purchase.

You can return purchased items to this store in two ways – either call the customer care line or fill out the online return request. After creating a request or calling customer care, you will receive an email notification to confirm your request. Next, their courier will contact you to pick up the item free of charge. You do not have to pay a dime to return the item.


Once your item returns to the store and is confirmed to be in good condition, Carina Wear will notify you via phone or email that they have received your returned item. They will also notify you of your return status after inspecting the item.

Upon approval, they initiate a refund to the credit card you used to make the payment (for those who paid with a credit card). Depending on the policies of your card issuer, you will receive your money in a specific number of days.

Those who pay with cash will receive their refund as store credits. They can use the credits to pay for items in future transactions. However, you can also visit any Carina store with your original receipt (the one that came with the item) to return or exchange the item with another one.

Nevertheless, not all items purchased from this store are returnable. You cannot return the following items:

  • Lingerie
  • Underwear
  • Swimwear
  • Socks
  • Corsets

You cannot return or receive a refund for those items due to hygiene reasons. The store is committed to protecting its customers, and this is one of the best ways to achieve that.

Shopping Tips for Carina Wear EGY

Carina Wear is a highly reputable store that commands great respect in Egypt and across the globe. Shopping on this platform is easy, thanks to its simple and intuitive design. It also has a simple checkout process, making it user-friendly, even for non-tech-savvies.

However, we recommend you pay close attention to the items you want to buy, as shopping for clothes online can be a bit tricky. The company does its best to provide you with accurate pictures of the items. Nonetheless, you need to be careful when choosing sizes.

You need to know your actual size to avoid picking an undersized or oversized top, bottom, or underwear. Remember, underwear and other personal items are not returnable, so you want to ensure you pick the right size. Do not forget to use your Carina Wear EGY promo codes at the checkout to get your discounts. You can save money or increase the number of items you want to purchase by using the Carina Wear EGY coupon codes.

Carina Wear Special Offers

In addition to selling highly discounted and affordable wear, Carina Wear also has a special offer. You can buy two items and get two for free. They have a dedicated section for this offer on their website. Choose four items from this category and pay for only two.

How to Contact Carina Wear

As mentioned earlier, Carina Wear has excellent customer service. They have various means through which you can reach them. You can contact customer service via email at “infor@carinawear.com” or phone at 16678. They have a swift response and would attend to your needs with urgency. You can also find a store closer to you with their store locator tool. They have customer representatives in every store, so you can meet them for inquiries, ask questions, complaints, etc.

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