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كود خصم سيتروس الامارات


How to activate our Promotional Code?

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The History of Citruss tv UAE

Citruss tv is a well-established marketplace for online shopping in the kingdom of the United Arab Emirates. It was founded in 2005 and is considered to be the most prominent retail destination for millions of customers and consumers in the Middle East and North Africa.

This media retail has its fame across the region since it started to serve 300 million consumers in the Arab world and fulfill their desires of obtaining the best products and the greatest quality in the market.

It has always been capable of giving prominence to a wide range of the highest quality of the products and services, that’s why it must always be your choice when it comes to shopping! Simply you are going to find all what you are looking for in one place! Citruss tv holds several brands that are more than well-known and favorable by almost each household.

We are experts in introducing to you your favorite elegant goods and products with reasonable prices and the highest quality in the market, with almost zero doubt. We have been tried and well trusted for many years since the foundation of our TV channel and website.

The main location of our TV channel is at Dubai and we are working with the best team of marketing and social media experts who play a vital role in marketing our products, facilitating our services and managing the channel perfectly to make it easy for our consumers and customers to be aware of each detail starting from the names and usage to the tiny details about the purchase, vouchers and delivery.

The presenters are excellently qualified and have a great knowledge of the brands and the products.

Products and Services Available in Citruess UAE

Citruss tv UAE is combining a great variety of products that are used in each household, from needles to rockets! You can enjoy the best experience if you are willing to prepare your new house. Check our website and channel to find what you want!

You will get lots of Kitchen and home essentials.

Kitchen and Home Essentials

such as: air fryers, juicers, food processors, pressure and multi cookers, hand blenders, oven and grills, kitchen accessories, dinner serveware and snack makers.

All these products are of high quality and by the way you can watch our TV channel to see by yourself all these items be tried by the sellers live. Not only kitchen electronics but also home improvement.

Home improvement Utilities

home cleaning tools, steamers and irons, home decor, air purifiers removers, luggage, kids strollers and bath and bedding items.

Home utilities are now between your hands brought to by Citruss tv UAE.

When it comes to health and beauty, for sure Citruss tv UAE is at your service.

Health care & Beauty Products

you can find skincare treatments and products such as; cleansing, anti-aging creams, whitening and brightening treatment products from very trusted and well-known brands and companies who are experts in skin care and beauty products.

You can also find hair care, hair removal, slimming creams, styling tools, makeup and health supplements and fitness and we would never forget fragrances and more and more items for her beauty and his elegance!

Fashion and jewelry

Fashion and jewelry come at the top of the list. All the customers can find the best fashionable abaya and jalabiyas, dresses, shapewear, and the outfit wouldn’t be perfect without the luxury of jewelries and watches for Citruss tv UAE! All that you can and can’t imagine is in one place! Check our catalogs now and pick up your favorite items!

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Brands Provided By Citruss tv UAE

Citruss tv is a great TV channel and the first Arab dedicated media retail destination, so when it comes to branding for sure we will choose the best at the list! We are proud to be trusted by these well-known established brands and we are promising to provide you with the best quality, service, prices and delivery.

Not only are we going to provide you with the best quality and the most trendy, fashionable items, but also high quality and great prices and discounts! Citruss tv UAE provides Vouchers and coupons to the customers with huge selections of goods that meet up all the tastes and needs with unbelievable prices.

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Citruss tv UAE is extremely proud to combine such a great collaboration with the most famous brands and keen on providing you with the best always.

Citruss tv UAE Partners & Brands

Citruss tv UAE has one major drive and an empowering passion, that’s what makes us special in the world of shopping. We combine and connect the most famous brands in the market and promote them to our customers through our TV.

Commerce, social media, TV. Channel, and M.commerce. We are very confident and trusted by millions of customers in the MENA region because we combine over 400 brands and more than 3000 products.

You are not going to stop to catch deals from an ordinary shopping website however you will be exposed to number one and one of the top original TV. Shopping platforms.

Citruss tv Brands’ sections

Kitchen: are Balzano, Manal Alalem, Fancy Miracle, Happy Call, Prestige, Mr.Cefrun, Relance, and Aadee.


Bissell, Steam Q, Highflyer, Nikai, Rigoros, La Casa Mio, Palson, and Ezviz.

Health and Beauty

Smoothskin, Lindberg,Touch beauty, So Natural, Babyliss, Flexxit, and Cobor.

Fashion and Jewelry

Saraya, Haramlek, Zyna Fashion, Mazyuna, Coach, Versus Versace, Barkers of Kensington, and Arsa.

Do you doubt that you will find whatever you are looking for at Citruss tv UAE? Still missing the opportunities to shop from our wide selections and the marvelous products? Stop looking here and there and check our website or TV Channel and get benefit from our Citruss tv UAE flash offers and deals. Citruss tv is a world of online shopping, number one and a leading force in Middle East, North Africa and Gulf countries, hence we promise you to get the best.

How to Order from our Website?

Citruse UAE enables our customers to enjoy and have the best shopping experiences of their lives through facilitating the process of purchase and ordering from our items and products.

The website is divided into different sections, under each section you will find different categories and inside each category you will have a list of items and products that are going to meet your choices and tastes with the price tag, then underneath there are Citruss tv UAE coupons of discounts.

All you have to do is to find your favorite item, enter the promo code at the promotional box then click purchase and you will save extra money using our 10% discount promo code (A118) and another 10% average cancellation ratio.

Our respectable customers also can search by brands if they are looking for certain items for certain brands. You can click the brand name and you will find a huge selection of items listed on our website. Don’t forget to take advantage of Citruss tv UAE Promo codes.

Citruss tv UAE Delivery Services

Citruss tv UAE has the most qualified team and representatives who are well equipped and well trained to deliver your goods and shopping lists as fast as they can reach your address. As we previously promised you with the best quality we also promise you with the best customer service and shipment. Citruss tv UAE also enables Express shipping to orders outside the United Arab Emirates. 24/7 customer care and support is not a joke with us.

We will be ready to take care of your orders before they leave us to your doors and after that!

Use Citruss tv UAE Coupon (A118) and save extra money. You are also allowed to track your order by providing your order’s number or shipment AWB number. Shopping is not a hectic activity anymore. With Citruss tv UAE shopping has no limit! You only are asked to dream and we are ready to make your dreams come true to your doors.

Citruss tv UAE Payment Methods

You can use several different methods to pay for your orders such as:

• Visa Card

• Muster card

• Cash on delivery


How Can you Get to Citruss tv UAE Customer Care?

Thank you for ordering from Citruss tv UAE, not all what you want to know is going to be fulfilled. If you have any inquiries or you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please check our customer care numbers available in your country and our call agents representatives will be more than ready to serve and answer all your questions and receive your complaints. We are available 24 hours the whole week at your service and support.

Citruss tv UAE Return and Exchange Policy

  • As we mentioned above that our agents are ready to serve you completely with your inquiries and support,
  • we assure you the best exchange policy and system with Citruss tv UAE.
  • All the customers are enabled to exchange or return goods and products they purchased from our website within 7 days from the delivery time.
  • All the items and products have to be in its original packaging without any remarkable damage.
  • There are many options to request an exchange or a return.
  • You can reach us through your country’s customer service number and request return, or file a complaint in case you have received any hygienic underwear, swimwear, or beauty products in a bad condition.
  • The request can only be done within 24 hours from delivery time.
  • You can also email us at customercare@Citruss
  • The last thing is to reach us on WhatsApp using one of the numbers of your country numbers available on our website.
  • You will find our WhatsApp link at the end of our website.


After our agents receive your request, wait for our customer service department to validate your case and confirm with you a pick up time to collect the unwanted items from you and inform you with a refund that will be credited to your bank account or exchange according to what you are asking for.

In case you use the cash on delivery option to pay for your orders from our website, a credited voucher will be issued to you so you can use it later on with other purchases in the future.


you can find more about us and our Citruss tv UAE promo codes and discount coupons when you Visit our website! Check us and enter the world of unlimited experiences and unforgettable times of shopping.