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Danube Home discounts on the finest range of furniture

Furniture is the core of your home. Danube Home has a major collection of various pieces of furniture to enrich your feelings. Hundreds of options at Danube Home help you enjoy every moment you spend in your home.

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The kitchen is the focal point of your entire home, and Danube Home knows that very well. They have the best collection of kitchen accessories that are simply irresistible.

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Danube Home is known for its sophisticated range of homeware. They have a variety of tools that cater to all your home furnishing requirements.

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About Danube Home Store

Danube Home has been a long-established brand for over a decade, as the leading store seeks to improve traditional home furnishings and furnish a modern and distinctive home. Danube Home has a strong, lively, and growing presence in the Arabian Gulf region in particular.

Where the store provides its services within the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, and the products of Danube Home store are also located in the Indian subcontinent, with exceptional standards in service to users.

All furniture and decoration products within Danube Home platform have very picturesque and wonderful designs.

Establishment of Danube Home store

Danube Home store was initially established as a single showroom in the city of Ras Al Khaimah in 2008. During this time and until now, the platform has become the first destination for many users in the Arab Gulf and the Middle East, due to the wonderful products it offers.

Eye-catching designs for all furniture pieces inside the wonderful Danube Home store, as the store provides a very special selection of modern furniture pieces that come with unprecedented designs, which you can get at a massive purchase discount through Danube Home Emirates discount code on our website.

Danube Home store features

  • The store has a very modern and distinctive design that is easy to browse.
  • Danube Home store provides a great application to shop through.
  • The application is available for Android and iPhone operating systems.
  • A distinguished support team is at your service around the clock.
  • All furniture products are designed according to international standards.
  • Danube Home provides you with free shipping.
  • The blog contains all the products your home needs.
  • Danube Home Emirates discount code for a great and immediate purchase discount.
  • Subscribe now to the newsletter and get an amazing purchase discount.
  • Offers and discounts that you can access when following the store on social media.

Available departments Danube Home store

  • Furniture Section: There are sofas with different designs, including a 3-seater sofa, a two-seater sofa, a single-seater sofa, beds for bedrooms, double beds, single beds, living rooms, and wardrobes.
  • And bedroom wardrobes, mattresses of various sizes, dining room furniture, chairs, children’s furniture, office furniture, etc., which you can buy with a huge purchase discount through Danube Home Emirates discount code on our website.
  • Outdoor and garden furniture section: This section contains an impressive collection of the best outdoor furniture, such as outdoor sofa sets with impressive designs, wonderful relaxing chairs, garden accessories, children’s toys, garden fountains, and artificial grass carpets.
  • You can buy all this at an amazing purchase discount with the effective Danube Home Emirates discount code H71 on our site.

Another sections in danube home store

  • Home decor section: This section contains a distinguished assortment of home accessories, bathroom accessories, home perfumes, car perfumes, wall decorations, and care and beauty products, which you can get with an amazing purchase offer with the effective and renewable Danube Home Emirates coupon code.
  • Lighting section: There are all kinds of home chandeliers, including ceiling chandeliers, staircase chandeliers, hanging chandeliers, wall chandeliers, table and floor lamps, and strong hanging outdoor lighting, which come at reasonable prices from Danube Home platform when using Danube Home Emirates discount code on our website.
  • Furniture section: This section contains covers, bed linens, quilt pillows, tablecloths, pillow curtains, blankets, towels, floor coverings, and mattresses at low prices with the distinctive Danube Home Emirates discount code.
  • Kitchen section: This section includes all kitchen necessities, including dining utensils, cutlery, serving utensils, pans, baking utensils, kitchen equipment, glassware, cleaning and washing tools, and the most important offers that Danube Home offers in Ramadan to users.
  • Bathroom section: There are all kinds of faucets that your home needs in all sizes and shapes that you want, and there is also a bathtub, shower room, water drain valve, wash basin, kitchen sink, Asian flush toilets, bathroom accessories, and water heater.

Payment methods are available through Danube Home UAE store

Danube Home UAE store is interested in providing the customer with the opportunity to choose effective and appropriate payment alternatives that he can use to purchase easily, which are also available within his country, in addition to providing all means of protecting his data against hacking.

It is also keen to provide a distinguished shopping experience while enjoying Danube Home UAE promo code discounts available on Coupaeon website, which provides other effective discounts such as discounts for Noon UAE promo code and Modanisa UAE discount code.

Among the most prominent payment methods available through the store are the following:

  • Pay by credit cards such as American Express, Visa Card, and MasterCard.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • Payment by installment system for orders less than 1000 AED.

Shipping and delivery service at Danube Home store

Danube Home UAE store offers many distinguished shipping and delivery services to customers inside and outside the UAE. The details of these services are as follows:

  • Free shipping service is applied to all orders within UAE for each invoice value exceeding 250 AED.
  • Collecting a nominal shipping fee of 10 dirhams for each invoice less than 250 dirhams.
  • Charge a fee of 20 dirhams for bills less than 40 dirhams.
  • Providing the service of shipping products on the same day of ordering for UAE customers.
  • Shipping time is about seven days for non-service areas.
  • Sending the shipping time in a text message to the customer via email.
  • Shipping costs vary according to the location of the country in case of delivery outside the UAE.

Product return and exchange policy

Danube Home UAE store allows the application of the product return and exchange policy as follows:

  • The possibility of returning or replacing the product if damages are discovered in the product or when any errors or replacement of orders are discovered by the store.
  • Allowing the application of the product return policy in case of compliance with the terms of return and exchange of products.
  • Furniture and home decorations shall be returned within a period not exceeding seven working days.
  • The return policy can be applied to indoor and outdoor furniture, decorations, and kitchen appliances.
  • The store does not allow the return of furnishings, quilts, pillows, towels, and carpets.
  • A request to return or replace the product is submitted to the customer service team, with the need to adhere to the previously mentioned grace period.
  • The store provides a full refund of the order value without deducting the shipping value if there is an error on the part of the store, but if there is no error on the part of the store, the value of the return fee is deducted.
  • Ensure that the products are returned in their original condition with the purchase invoice attached to them, and not damage any of the contents of the package.


Danube Home store is interested in providing a different set of offers and discounts on a regular and continuous basis in the framework of enhancing customer confidence, especially New Year’s offers, White Friday, and holiday discounts, in addition to providing special offers for some sections and products, and others that cover all the store’s products.

Through the store, it is possible to shop the best types of furniture and home decor at discounted prices when applying Danube Home Emirates promo code H71 ,in addition to checking out the latest effective offers and discounts available through Danube Home Emirates discount coupon.