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Numerous online shoppers return happily after checking out Dropkicks KWT online store, as it is one of the best stores in the Middle East region that offers a myriad choice of products. The website is easy to navigate, and you can browse the store in the comfort of your home, to get stylish and elegant items from different categories.

Moreso, you can save huge and shop for more items with the Dropkicks KWT coupon codes by getting 5% off your online purchases. These coupons are offered by Coupaeon, a company that partners with several online stores to help shoppers get a massive slash off all quality items sold in these stores.

If you are looking for sporty clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. This store is for you. At a significantly low price, you can upgrade your wardrobe with the best items designed by top brands around the globe. To have the best online shopping experience, here is more on getting a 5% discount on your purchase value when you use coupon codes to shop at  Dropkicks KWT online stores.

About Dropkick Kuwait

Dropkick is the best place to find basic sports items that are designed by several top product manufacturers to help you improve your physical appearance. Whether you are in Kuwait or across other regions in the Middle East and beyond, Dropkick KWT online store can provide you with the classiest arrays of items at affordable prices.

Dropkick is loved by many because they have an amiable customer care support system. They are always ready to assist customers in the areas of needs, special orders, product quality, payments, Dropkick promo codes, size of an item. They also help in resolving complaints based on return, replacement, and refund of unsatisfied items bought from the store.

Items at this store are sectioned into three main groups as follows:

  • Clothes of all kinds such as skirts, shirts, shorts, trousers, sports bras, t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, running pants, and more.
  • Shoes from the best brands all over the world such as Puma, Nike, Adidas, and several more. Other premium-made designers include React, Stan Smith, Air Jordan, Superstar, Air Force1,  Old School, etc.
  • Accessories of different styles including caps, bags, face masks, socks, and more.

What Dropkick Kuwait Offers

Dropkick online store is a fantastic place that allows you to buy premium products at competitive rates and save more money by simply using the Dropkick KWT discount codes at the checkout page on the store’s website before making a payment.

Like other online stores in Kuwait and the countries across GCC, Dropkick is one of the leading stores with the best brands across the globe. Dropkick has a category of items for men, women, and children. The items are also available in all sizes, and for all ages. The following are Dropkick’s vast range of items that you can explore on their shopping website.

Foot Wear 

If you have a passionate vibe for sports shoes, this category is for you. There are classy sports shoes available at Dropkick KWT online store that are also sold at affordable prices, notwithstanding their high brand. This is even more affordable when you activate coupon codes offered by Coupaeon while shopping for these items.

You can find different kinds of sporty footwear when you explore the Dropkick shopping website to get your favorites. Some of these items include Air Jordan, Air Force 1, Air Max, Superstar, React, and more. You can activate 5 percent off these items by using the Dropkick KWT promo code while shopping.


Dropkick has a wide range of sporty dresses that portrays an elegant and active style of living. Stylish dresses in this category include Puma Evid Dress, Nike Sportswear Sash and Basic Dress, and more. Furthermore, you cannot buy from this store until your pocket is empty. Use the Dropkick KWT discount codes to buy as many items as you want and save more.


Hoodies simply add a stylish and sophisticated yet sporty outlook that makes you stand out. If you love wearing this type of item, Dropkick KWT online stores have a large category of them. When you browse through this section, you will see high-brand items including Adidas’ newly created Eddie Clear Track, Hoodie Plover DNA, Rebook Kung Fu Panda wears, and even more.

You can order these items at the best prices by utilizing the Dropkick KWT coupon codes, to save money or add more items to the cart.

Running Pants

Indeed, running pants are one of the most sought-after items in Dropkick KWT online stores. This is so because they are an important part of sporting activities. Some elite and authentic brands sold at Dropkick online include Nike sports  Wire Technological Fleiss Pants, Newly created Sweet Graphic Pants, Adidas Original Sweet Graphic Pants, Nike Old school Pants, and more.

Moreso, all these items and more, are available at jaw-dropping rates especially when you apply the Dropkick KWT promo codes while shopping at this store.


Your exclusive sporting appearance can look even better if you complement it with a cap. At Dropkick online stores, you can find several styles of caps including  Drupkek Caps styled with Logos, Original Adidas Baseball Hat, White Nike Cap, and many more.

Interestingly,  these items can be bought at discounted prices and you can use the opportunity to save more by activating the Dropkick KWT coupon codes while shopping.


Bags are top accessories that can improve your style. You can fuse your sporty lifestyle with top-notch bags from Dropkick as you can find several collections from this store. You can find the best items including Adidas Modern Airliner Bag,  Nike Heritage Cross Bag, Nike Backpack, and more. What makes it more amazing is that you can add these items to your closet at discount rates with the Dropkick KWT discount codes.

Dropkick Kuwait Payment Methods

Dropkick KWT online store is a destination for getting all categories of sporty products that can enhance your appearance. Choosing to shop at this store comes with a lot of benefits and experiences that you will enjoy. However, after you have selected your favorite items, ensure that you use the Dropkick KWT promo codes before opting to make any payment.

Immediately you get a discount of up to 5 percent of your total purchase and proceed to the payment options on the store’s website. As soon as you choose any of these payment options, and make the right transaction as demanded by the store, your order will be automatically confirmed.

The accepted payment methods are as follows;

  • MasterCard
  • Apple Pay
  • Mada
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Payment in installments through  Tabby

Shipping Services at Dropkick Kuwait

Dropkick KWT online stores make everything easy for their customers. Since it is a great store that helps you enrich your personality, the best shipment service is carried out to satisfy you. Your shipment details are usually created after your payment has been received by the store, and confirmation with details of your shipment and estimated delivery period is also sent to you.

If you are in Kuwait, your order can be delivered to you within 3 to 5 business days. Others across the GCC while those outside the country will receive their product within 7-9 business days from the time of your order confirmation.

Additionally, you can enjoy free shipping service if you purchase products at Dropkicks KWT online store and the overview for all the items purchased in the store is over 71.5 Kuwaiti dinars. Also,  if your order value is less than  71.5, you will pay a shipping fee of 3.1 Kuwaiti dinars.

Have in mind that the total amount of money paid during cash on delivery can sum up to 153.1 Kuwaiti and if while making your order, you selected this payment method, you will be charged an extra 3.1 Kuwaiti dinar.

Returns, Replacement, and/or Refund Policy 

Return and Replacement Policy at Dropkick KWT online stores are allowed since customers will always encounter issues while shopping online. If you are facing any disappointment due to the item you received, the store will allow you to send back the item you purchased from them within 7 days from the date of delivery.

Also, Dropkick customer care support helps you process the request before it gets to the store. So, all complaints related to damaged products, undersized or oversized items, and more, must be submitted to the customer care agents within 48 hours from the date you received the order.

After due scrutiny of the returned product by the Dropkick KWT online store, the item will be accepted back to the store before you get a refund of the money you spent on the item during its purchase. However, the money is refunded through the same payment method you used during the original transaction except for shipping fees, customs duties, etc.

Furthermore, there are terms and conditions for returning an item to Dropkick KWT online stores. First, the item must be unused before it is accepted at the store. Secondly, the items must remain in their original package and the condition must be intact as they were when you received them. Finally, if the product was labeled, it must be included during return.

Shopping Tips

Shopping online may come with a few challenges especially if the items you are adding to the cart are wearables. Some customers make the mistake of ordering inappropriate sizes of shoes, and clothes and they go through the hassle of returning these items to the store after receiving them.

While shopping for your favorite item, make sure you know your size or the size of the person you are shopping the item for. Also, to make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable, use the Dropkick KWT coupon codes to get 5 percent off your total value before opting to make a payment.

Dropkick Special Offer

Dropkick is a place where you can buy some of the best products known all over the world. They partner with Coupaeon to bring you the best offers that will put a smile on your face. The special offer includes the black Friday sales, Ramadan sales, and the Promo codes by Coupaeon.

All these offers allow you to buy items like clothes, footwear, and accessories from top brands at mouth-watering amounts and also save money. For all your purchases in the store, take advantage of the Dropkick KWT discount codes to enjoy your online shopping.

How to Contact Customer Support

With one of the best customer care support, Dropkick KWT online store places customers above everything. You can send complaints, inquiries, and more to them by clicking on the “contact us” space on their website. You can also reach them on the phone at: 800-DROPKICK.

Their social media platforms can also be helpful if you find them at: www.facebook.com/dropkickHQ, www.instagram.com/dropkickhq, and www.twitter.com/dropkickhq.

Dropkicks promo codes are available in these countries via coupaeon:

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About Coupaeon

For several large stores in the Middle East,  Coupaeon offers verified promo codes and discounts, to help online shoppers to save money while buying items from their preferred retailers. Every time you find an online store and begin to shop, we help you save money.

We assist you with special offers including coupon and promo codes for online retails. The  Coupaeon team works tirelessly to ensure that you enjoy discount sales, by helping you uncover more coupon codes and promotion packages that help you save money. You can utilize the Dropkick KWT discount codes to get 5 percent discounts while shopping.

How to Use Dropkick Promo Codes

You can use Dropkick Promo Codes without facing any disappointment. After exploring the range of items on the Dropkick shopping website, Add your favorite items to the cart. At the checkout page, apply the Dropkick promo codes and the discounts will be added automatically before you progress to making payment.