Available Categories in Farfetch Store Emirates

Farfetch Emirates Store has an enormous number of varied products, so the store facilitated the shopping process by classifying the products into various sections and categories so that its customers can access the product very easily and as soon as possible. The store sections are as follows:

Women’s Section

One of the most important departments in Farfetch Store Emirates provides all the elegance supplies for women from international brands with a discount of up to 20% and the products available in this section

  • Sea clothes, coats, jeans, dresses, jackets, langers, skirts, allowances and kits, tops and trousers, bridal costumes, sports clothes.
  • Ballerina Shoes, Daddies, Canvas Shoes, Slippers, Drawstring Shoes, Open Shoes, Heel Shoes, Sandals, and Sneakers.
  • Sea Bags, Clutch Bags, Small Bags, Cross Bags, Shoulder Bags, Process Bags, and Classic Bags.
  • Belts, glasses and tires, hair accessories, gloves, energies, key chains, makeup tape, scarves, sunglasses, umbrellas, and wallets.
  • Luxury jewelry from bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and watches.

Men’s Department

It is one of the comprehensive sections to provide men’s fashion for attractive appearance and expression of all characters through the designs available at the store and from the pieces available within the section:

  • Sea Clothes, Coats, T-Shirts, Jeans, Jackets, Shorts, Allowance, Switters, Trousers, Fistats, Lingerie and Socks, Sportswear.
  • Sneakers, dads, canvas shoes, slippers, Oxford, sandals.
  • Backpacks, Middle Bags, Clutch Bags, Laptop Bags, Travel Bags and Trips, Shoulder Bags, and Classic Bags.
  • Belts, gloves, energies, telephone holders, scarves, sunglasses, scarves, ties, wallets, and watches.

Children’s Department

The Children’s section of Farfetch UAE Store offers a range of huge products that meet all the needs of the child from birth to youth.

These products have been divided into three age groups, including

  • Baby accessories (0-36 months) from allowance, coats, dresses, jackets, shorts, skirts, swimwear, sports allowance, tops, trousers, pajamas, accessories, and shoes. Children’s room supplies include bibs, blankets, bedding, diapers, and strollers.
  • Children’s accessories (2 – 12 years old) of coats, jeans, jackets, shorts, swimwear, tops, sports allowance, trousers, dresses, plays out, jumpsuits, skirts, accessories, and shoes.
  • Supplies for girls and young people (13-16 years) from coats, jeans, dresses, swimwear, jackets, skirts, toppings, trousers, shorts, tracksuits, shoes, and accessories.


All household items are home candles, home perfumes, cutlery, accessories, home decorations, furniture, books, and office items with quality ores from the most famous international brands.

Farfetch Emirates Store can replace your bag from a global brand or repair it through the store.

How to communicate with Farfetch Emirates Customer Service Team

Farfetch Emirates Store offers unique customer service to communicate with customers to help them shop and answer various questions and queries 24 hours a day from several means to communicate with customers.

Farfetch Emirates Store Services

Orders and Delivery

Orders can be delivered every weekday in Farfetch Emirates store, which varies in cost from selected service to location and destination. The store allows delivery Quickly for several destinations.

Same-day delivery service, available choices of delivery for your destination are displayed when you pay.

The store requires its customers to sign all orders for lack of delivery to regular mailbox addresses, Armed Forces post offices, and fleet post offices at present.

When booking an order from the following sites, and if the order value is above the limit mentioned in the following points, the store provides you with lower delivery fees and lower prices when delivering the products available in your order and from the destinations and discounted prices:

  • US $250.
  • Australia: 300 Australian dollars.
  • People’s Republic of China: 1500 Chinese yuan.
  • Hong Kong region: 2000 Hong Kong dollar.
  • Japan: JPY 28,000.
  • Korea: 280,000 South Korean won.

Products are delivered free of charge if the order is booked from the destinations listed at the following points and prices above the limit for the following orders:

  • United States: $200.
  • Republic of China: CNY 2,500.
  • Hong Kong region: HK $3,000.
  • Taiwan region: Taiwan $10,000.
  • Commonwealth of Independent States: US $430.

Fast delivery to most countries of Europe and the United States takes place within 2 to 4 days and takes place in the rest of the world within 3 to 7 days. The normal delivery deadline for orders is within 2 to 6 days.

You can receive your order on the same day for booked orders before 11 am and delivery within 90 minutes of the time of booking the order.

It is stated that delivery times depend on the time the package is sent and depending on the receiving location which the customer has to use as a guide.

Payment and Prices

Farfetch Emirates store has a carefully selected selection of the proudest products from international brands and boutiques by a distinguished team of experts. Prices are selected and determined according to the brand of the product so the prices of the same piece vary according to the geographical location and the customer’s destination.

Although Farfetch Emirates does not control price variation, it offers the best prices available to your destination from international brands and boutiques always when booking.

To view prices and check your destination on Farfetch Emirates website.

Payment is shown on the payment page before booking the order to determine the currency by destination of delivery.

When payment is made using krypton or the customer’s local currency is not available, payment will be made in US dollars.

Return and Exchange

Return instruction papers are not printed as part of environmental safety and impact reduction procedures.

The customer is required to return the products in each pallet or wrapper of the accompanying trademark, Matt, the order and place them in the box or cover of the reusable Farfetch Emirates store.

The refund process is denied if there is any damage or something missing in the return package.

You need to send a return request from the country or area to which the order was delivered whether you choose to collect the package or return it to a designated delivery point.

How to retrieve products from Farfetch Emirates Store is following the following steps

  • Go to the in-store orders and returns section.
  • Identify the product to be returned and press the return of the product.
  • You need to determine the reason for returning the product after selecting it.

The collection of the return request is booked by choosing the collection address, and the number of packages, determining the collection date, and the appropriate time, and pressing the collection service reservation. Or choose to deliver the product at a nearby point belonging to Farfetch Emirates store.

How to Process Parcel Return Products

  • place the products to be returned inside the Emirates Farfetch box or cover and attach all packaging, brand cans, and anti-soil bags with it.
  • Send a printed return message and paste it on the outside of the parcel box.

Keep the shipping policy number enabling the order and send it to the shipping representative. When collecting or delivering the upcoming package, you must request to clear the return sticker from the courier to ensure that the returned order can be traced.

In case you return the products to more than one boutique or a different brand, you need to pack each product and attach the return label to the outside of each box of returned boxes to the Varvetic Store Emirates.

Return Policy

Farfetch Emirates Store accepts receipt of returned products within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order which must comply with the terms and policy of the returned parts such as:

  • Returned products must be unused and undamaged and sent with all the original cards and covers of the brand from which the purchase was made.
  • Keep shoes and accessories when returned in original brand boxes, dirt protection, a Farfetch box, and another box to protect them.
  • It should be ensured that no trace is left on the sole of the shoe when you try it.
  • You need to return the Emirates Farfetch Store Security Signs or the brand card attached to the product if available.
  • Biotech products and available and used cosmetics are not accepted.
  • Clothes, socks, and swimwear cannot be returned if they are dirty or worn and if they are not attached to their health safety stickers and proper packaging.
  • The return of face masks is due to their nature unless they are in their original packaging, unused, open, or damaged.
  • Return the jewelry in the boxes and papers of the trademarks with the same wrap and send it in the same condition as connected to them.
  • Custom-made pieces, are only recovered if they are damaged or have a manufacturing defect when they reach you.

Cancellation of order in accordance with consumer contract laws

Farfetch Emirates Store can cancel your order within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order in the following ways after reporting the product.

The customer is responsible for the costs of returning the product from Farfetch to the boutiques or brands from which it was ordered.

The notification shall be made by the following:

Cancellation of contracts by reporting by telephone and writing the name, address, and reference number of the request or completing the cancellation request and returning the product to the address mentioned in the application.

Refund Products from Farfetch Emirates

This shall be within a maximum of 6 days from the date of receipt of the returned product by the trademark or boutique partner and upon acceptance of the return request, the amount of the product shall be refunded in the same original payment method as used upon purchase except for delivery costs. The refund may take 14 days depending on your payment method.

If you agree to a refund in the form of a balance in Farfetch store once the necessary procedures have been completed, the balance will appear in your Farfetch account for next time when shopping in the store.

You can track your return request using the shipping policy included in your order. You can also check the status of your order by heading to the Orders and Returns section of your Farfetch Store account, and in the case of shopping and booking the order as a visitor you can track your order by entering its details on the store’s website.

The refund process is initiated and an email is sent to confirm the claim for the refund amount for you within 30 days from the date of your receipt of the email after submitting your refund request and sending your personal information which includes the following:

  • Name in full.
  • Your ID card, passport or company registration number.
  • country of residence.
  • Your Krypto address to receive the refund product amount.

The only goal of Farfetch Emirates is to deliver orders to you in the best case that may be ideal and that the items you purchased at the store will be liked, and to inform customer service as soon as possible in case of defect or damage to the product upon receipt or if it does not match the specifications of the product specified on the site. Products will be returned and reimbursed in full.

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