Available Categories at Golden Flora Store KSA

To meet customers’ wishes, Golden Flora Saudi Store works on a variety of sections within it, in which discounts apply to all departments such as Promocode Golden Flora Saudi Arabia from Coupaeon website worth 10%.

These sections are as follows:

  • Men’s Perfumes DepartmentThis section features an enormous selection of fragrances from international brands such as Leader Fragrance, The Night King Fragrance, Touch of Power Fragrance, Harman Fragrance, Crown Fragrance, Royal Cher Fragrance, Arabian Amir Fragrance.
  • Women’s perfume departmentIn this section there is a range of fragrances that always make you fit from the most famous international brands such as Hotwarm fragrance Fragrance Tray Mi, Paskin Fragrance, Foot Vibration Fragrance, Special Knight Fragrance Wow fragrance, Marvel Course fragrance, 555 fragrance, Lakgri fragrance, Senses fragrance, Lovely Hot Fragrance, View Beauty Fragrance, Crawan Fragrance, Jesse Fragrance, Boss Sherry, Boss Roll Fragrance, Boss Lips Fragrance, Princess of Arabia Fragrance.
  • Unisex Fragrance SectionThis section has a range of perfumes for women and men such as Onli Yu-Ador, Lakshari, Rose Valley, Lama, Boss Rouge, Infinito Black, Maximus, Love in Falwaite, and Pure White fragrance.
  • Department of Body and Hair PerfumesIt includes a range of perfumes carefully manufactured to perfume the body and hair without any harm such as an understanding hair perfume and a set of hair perfumes from Verda.
  • Massage Oils SectionThis section contains massage oils such as strawberry, raspberry, and cherry warmup oil made specifically in Germany.
  • Mattress Fresheners SectionIn this section there is a variety of pungent mattress fresheners such as violet fragrance, royal fragrance, and arjuna fragrance, fragrance. A range of fragrances is also available from Golden Flora Store.

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Top Offers & Discounts at Golden Flora Store Saudi Arabia

Golden Flora KSA is keen to provide many effective discounts and offers on all sections and products in the store.

One of the most important offers available in the store is the Black Friday offer,

which offers huge discounts on products such as:

  • Providing a fragrance of 89 SAR instead of 155.
  • Al Oud magic perfume in 89 instead of SAR 166.
  • Violet’s mattress perfume is 48.99 instead of SAR 79.
  • Arjwan and Arjwan mattresses are 48.99 instead of SAR 79.
  • Onli Yu Ador perfume for SAR 57.50 instead of 160.
  • Richer’s perfume is 59 instead of SAR 159.
  • The King is priced at 89 instead of SAR 160.
  • Marvel Cross is 57.50 instead of SAR 160.
  • Sense is 89 instead of SAR 190.
  • MSAK or RA 89 instead of SAR 155.
  • Lovely Hot 89 instead of SAR 166.
  • An understanding of hair perfume of 40 instead of SAR 69.
  • Lama is 46 instead of 100 Saudi riyals.
  • Jessie’s fragrance is 89 instead of SAR 110.

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What are the exchange and return policies at Golden Flora Saudi Arabia?

The store reviews a range of items that have been developed to protect its customers and to clarify Golden Flora’s policy and way of retrieving and replacing products:

  • To submit a return request you have 7 days from the date of receipt of the request.
  • The customer pays the full shipping fee.
  • If you find a defect in the product or it does not match the specifications in the store you need to replace it with another commodity for free.
  • The store will not accept products that have been used or opened and sent to the store in a condition other than received.
  • Product shipping fees and refund fees are deducted in case of cancellation of an order after shipment and the remaining amount is returned to the customer’s account within a maximum period of 7 days.
  • The product can be exchanged as a credit or discount coupon and the amount of the product cannot be refunded if the product is purchased with a discount or a voucher.
  • The store receives SAR 30 as an additional fee for consumer service.

What are the cases in which you refuse to return products?

  • If the return is requested after the deadline of 7 days from the date of receipt.
  • If the product is contrary to the condition in which it was received.
  • If the product is used or there is anything missing from the accessories with the product from price tags, labels, original packaging, and others.

What happens if a wrong product arrives for the customer?

If the customer receives the wrong product in the required products, the store will compensate the customer with the correct product at the store’s expense. In accordance with the policy of selling perfume and cosmetic products globally, the customer will not be compensated if he is not sure to review the invoice and the items received before opening the packaging.

What is the Tabi service provided by Golden Flora Store Saudi Arabia

Tabi is one of the most innovative payment methods without using credit cards and is only using your ID card.

Tapi gives you installments in monthly payments to facilitate your purchase.

Who are the people who can use TAPI?

This service is provided to any citizen residing in Saudi Arabia aged over 18 years.

What is the maximum disbursement limit with Tabi?

The balance available via Tabi shall be up to SAR 3,000. This depends on several factors, including the type of product purchased through Tabi and the stores through which the customer purchases.

How to installment with Tapi?

After completing the shopping process and choosing whatever you want, choose the installment with Tabi when you arrive at the payment page by paying 25% of the basket value as a down payment.

The rest of the installments are over 3 monthly installments without fees.

What are the reasons why the application to join Tabi is inadmissible?

This may be due to Tapi not being able to verify your identity or your forgetfulness to fill in a box such as a full delivery address or a refusal if you have previous payments that you have not made.

About Promocode Golden Flora Saudi Arabia

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How to Activate Promocode for Bromo Code Golden Flora Saudi Arabia

To activate the Golden Flora Saudi Arabia discount code offered by Coupaeon website specializes in providing discount codes for many stores such as Izil beauty UAE promo code, follow some steps:

  • Visit Coupaeon and see the list of discounts inside.
  • Choose a Golden Flora store from the available menu or search for the store in the on-site search box.
  • Copy the discount Promocode and click on Get Code.
  • You will be transferred directly to the store’s official page.
  • Carefully select your list of purchases and place them in your cart.
  • Enter your own data and choose your destination and payment method suitable for you.
  • You must now add the discount Promocode at the discount space in the store.
  • Complete the purchase process and wait for the order to arrive at you.

Privacy Policy at Golden Flora Store Saudi Arabia

The store works on the obligation to ensure the protection of privacy and customer information, as this information through which your identity can be identified is only used following the privacy policy.

Knowing that the privacy policy may be changed from time to time when updating information in the store, you should review the privacy policy every time before buying from Golden Flora KSA to make sure that this policy is suitable for you.

Links to other stores and websites may be found in the Golden Flora Saudi online store.

knowing that it is not subject to the privacy policy described, so the store is not responsible for protecting the private data that you provide to those sites when visiting them.

Terms of Shopping at Golden Flora Store

In the following steps, you will learn about the terms and conditions of shopping at the Golden Flora online store.

These terms include all dealings between the store and the consumer with the consent of the fully eligible consumer, including

  • The user shall be at least 18 years of age.
  • The Client acknowledges that if any violation of the Terms is issued, he will bear all the consequences.
  • The nature of the store’s commitment to consumers and the provision of other services to them depends on the nature of their order.
  • The user of the service shall not violate the working morals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The user does not have the right to recover products if they are manufactured at the user’s will and excludes products with a manufacturing defect.

Communication methods available at Golden Flora Store KSA

Golden Flora Saudi Arabia offers several ways for customers to communicate with the customer service team in the store, to facilitate the process of communicating and responding to all inquiries regarding both discounts and products in the store and other questions posed as soon as possible.

For all the updates in-store and the best discount codes available in Golden Flora Saudi Arabia, you need to communicate in the following ways:

  • Communicate over the phone.
  • Communicate via WhatsApp on the +966557580907 number.