Haraer KSA discount code

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Haraer Saudi Arabia discount voucher

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Haraer Saudi Arabia discount coupon HR32 enables you to shop for the best designs of modern abayas at the lowest cost. Haraer store coupon enables you to get an immediate discount when completing the payment within the store.

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How to get Haraer discount code

  • Our website provides an effective Haraer Saudi Arabia discount code with an immediate discount.
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How do activate Haraer Saudi Arabia promo code

Several steps can be followed to apply the value of Haraer Saudi Arabia discount code Saudi Arabia, which is available through the Coupaeon website, which offers a variety of discount coupons such as 6th Street KSA discount code and enjoys the discount value that includes all products and sections within the store. These steps were as follows:-

  • Go to Coupaeon website
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About Haraer Saudi Arabia store

Hareer store for high-end and distinguished abayas is one of the largest stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The store provides its services within the Kingdom at the highest level and efficiency for all customers.

The store offers everything new in the world of modern and elegant models of abayas for various occasions, as all models are distinguished by sophistication and luxury, as they are designed from the finest types of fabrics luxury.

The offers of Haraer store are constantly available inside the store on crepe, cloche, winter, and summer abayas, plain, colored, and patterned. Shop now and enjoy buying with ease from inside Haraer online store that was established in recent period.

The store offers all its designs for abayas at competitive prices, many discounts, and more than wonderful so that all shoppers can enjoy the best online shopping process to buy the best materials for abayas at the lowest cost when using Haraer Saudi Arabia discount code available on our website with a 100% effective and immediate purchase discount.

The beginning of a Haraer store?

Haraer for high-end, luxurious abayas were created in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing the latest designs of the best and finest plain and embroidered fabrics in various colors to suit all elegant and luxurious tastes.

In a short time, it was able to spread and was able to have a large base of customers who are always in demand for its products, so an online store was established for easy communication and purchase at any time.

Features of Haraer Saudi store

  • The store provides the latest and finest collection of luxury gowns.
  • You can shop with ease from within the store without making any effort from anywhere.
  • Haraer Saudi offers the finest women’s gowns, with the testimony of all its permanent customers.
  • There is more than one way to pay for Haraer products for distinguished abayas.
  • You can communicate with customer service around the clock, wherever you are in Saudi Arabia.
  • You can request a return or exchange for an order in a simple way from within the store.
  • Hareer Abaya Store offers are available throughout the year on all models.
  • Haraer Saudi Arabia discount code is available on our website with an immediate purchase discount of up to 5%.
  • Follow Haraer on Facebook and Twitter to receive all new offers and modern models.

Are sections available inside Haraer store?

You can shop inside Haraer Saudi store with ease through these sections:-

  • Girls’ abayas: You can shop for the best selection of girls’ abayas in various sizes and colors, with high quality, at a discount, by using a Haraer Saudi Arabia promo code.
  • Abayas for occasions: You can buy abayas for various occasions, elegant and elegant, with high-quality materials, at great discounts when using Haraer Saudi Arabia discount code for Abayas.
  • Abaya dresses: This section contains a distinguished assortment of abaya dresses with wonderful designs that suit everyone at discounted prices when using Haraer Saudi Arabia discount coupon.

You must use Haraer Saudi Arabia discount code to obtain a purchase discount on the original product price of up to 5% upon completion of the purchase.

How can I pay within Haraer Store?

There are many safe and effective payment methods offered by Saudi Haraer store, which are of great importance in providing the opportunity for the customer to choose the appropriate means through which he can shop, in addition to providing the payment methods available to him within his country.

The store primarily aims to provide a variety of alternatives for a unique shopping experience and enjoy discounts on Haraer Saudi Arabia promo code, which is available through Coupaeon website, which offers many discount codes such as Izil beauty KSA Discount Code

Among the most prominent payment methods available through the store are the following:

  • Pay by credit card
  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • Bank transfer
  • Pay by Apple Pay
  • Payment in cash upon receipt

What is the return policy in Haraer Store?

Saudi Haraer store provides an appropriate policy for returning and replacing products, as it allows the customer to return or request a replacement of the product if he discovers that there is any damage or defect in the product, or if the request is replaced by the store with a different request.

The store allows products to be returned if they comply with the terms of return and exchange, provided that the product is returned within a period not exceeding 3 days from the date of receiving the product, but if it is replaced, a replacement request can be submitted within seven days.

Conditions for returning products available through Haraer Saudi store

Haraer Saudi Arabia store offers a set of conditions through which you can benefit from the service of returning and exchanging products, as follows:

  • The product must be among the products that accept returns or exchanges.
  • Ensure the integrity of the product and the integrity of the cover, with the necessity to attach the product purchase invoice and the stickers for the parcel.
  • The customer does not use the product, damage the packaging, or wash the product.
  • Refund the customer’s financial dues in the same payment method used previously for the purchase.
  • The customer will bear the shipping costs if the products are returned.

How can I contact the customer service team of Haraer Saudi store?

Haraer Saudi and the tact of the customer service team are one of the most important features of electronic platforms, so Haraer is interested in providing an efficient team to serve customers as well as being distinguished by tact and smoothness.

The store is keen to provide various and effective means of communication with customers, receive complaints and inquiries, and receive calls to provide all necessary information to them, using the following methods:

  • Contact via telephone at the following number +966566883377.
  • Email communication
  • Online communication with a customer service team spokesperson through the live chat system.
  • Communication via WhatsApp service.
  • Communicate through the store’s social networking messages.

Shipping and delivery service

  • Providing free shipping service within the Kingdom on every order of 250 Saudi riyals or more.
  • If the order does not reach the minimum threshold for applying the express free shipping service, a small shipping fee will be charged, which varies according to the country and the shipping destination.
  • Shipping time ranges from about three to five business days.
  • The store allows tracking the status of the order until the customer receives the products.
  • The store also provides the service of amending or canceling the order by communicating with the customer service team.


The store offers a huge selection of the finest and most luxurious Gulf abayas, which guarantee Arab women the best look that combines elegance and modesty. All abayas are made from the finest colored, black, patterned, and embroidered fabrics using Haraer Saudi Arabia discount code.In conclusion, we have provided you with detailed information about Haraer Saudi Arabia store and Haraer Saudi Arabia offers.