LC Waikiki EGY promo code

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LC Waikiki Coupon Egypt
LC Waikiki promo code Egypt

LC store offers the most luxurious international clothes with modern designs, and it has sections such as the men’s section, the women’s section, the children’s section, the newborn section, the home supplies section, and a special section for LC Waikiki offers that continue throughout the year.

LC Waikiki Discount Code

When using LC Waikiki EGY discount code WO19 from coupaeon 2023, you will get 10% discounts in addition to a set of other benefits such as free shipping from LC Waikiki store, in addition to that, all listed coupons have been verified.

LC Waikiki coupon must be used before purchasing any product to get the largest possible discount value and save money to buy more than one product with the highest and finest materials

LC Waikiki store is one of the famous stores in the field of clothing and fashion in the Arab countries, especially in Egypt, and it has the fame and trust of many customers in the State of Egypt, due to the high-quality clothing and fashion it provides.

LC Waikiki Discount Code Egypt And lc Waikiki Offer

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Advantages Of Using lC Waikiki Egypt Coupon Code

One of the most important advantages of coupons is saving a lot of money and enabling you to buy a lot of the products you need, and it provides you with more than 10% discount rates on all products and the best materials. Among the most important advantages of the coupon:

  • The most important thing that distinguishes the code is that it can exist permanently and continuously so that you can purchase any product at any time.
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LC Waikiki EGY Offers Men’s Products

lc Waikiki provides you with men’s products and the best different types of clothing that you want, and you can reduce prices when applying lc Waikiki EGY discount code WO19.

Where it provides you with distinctive LC Waikiki T-shirts at unparalleled prices, along with different shirts and trousers.

Just use lc Waikiki EGY coupon code 2023 when purchasing to get amazing lc Waikiki discounts on all products.

In addition to providing lc Waikiki men’s swimwear, beachwear, and various sports.

How To Use LC Waikiki Discount Code

You must follow the following steps to take advantage of the code and use it correctly, here is how:

  • First, you have to copy LC Waikiki discount code 2023.
  • Then you have to enter any product within the online store of LC Waikiki store.
  • Then you click on the Add to Cart button below each product.
  • Click on the shopping cart at the top, then click on View Cart.
  • A set of options will appear in front of you, including the use of the discount coupon.
  • Then type the coupon code next to Please enter the discount voucher code that you have already copied.
  • You will then click on the “Apply Discount” option, which allows the coupon to provide you with a discount on the products that you want to buy.

Information About LC WAIKIKI Store

The history of LC Waikiki Stores and Stores dates back to a chain of stores that belong to Istanbul and that contains more than 47 thousand employees, along with more than a thousand stores, distributed in 47 countries.

These stores have all kinds of clothes for women, men, and children of all ages, and all sizes and colors are available from many international brands.

As for the reason for choosing the name LC Waikiki, this name is due to Waikiki Beach on the island of Hawaii. As for the initials, it is taken from “Les Coppins”, and this word is French for friends.

Perhaps if you collect the meaning of LC Waikiki, it will give you the word Friends Beach.

This is because it is suitable for all ages, all brands, and all tastes, and it also contains products that are considered valuable if the customer takes them as a gift to others.

LC WAIKIKI EGY Store Features

Many features make LC Waikiki store one of the most important stores in the Arab world for the following reasons:

  • LC Waikiki store is an online store affiliated with a store with a real headquarters, not a virtual one, and this allows you to buy from one of the store’s branches or online, according to the best and easiest for you.
  • Charging the store the costs in the event of returning or canceling the order, or even replacing it, in addition to LC Waikiki Egypt discount code
  • Multiple means of communication have been allocated to facilitate communication with customers to identify the problem they face, whether during purchase, order, payment, or even return of the product.

Other features of LC Waikiki store

  • LC Waikiki store contains many departments, and each department branches out into departments to include everything related to clothing for men, women, and children of all ages.
  • And also the whole house necessitates making your home with a special aesthetic character through LC Waikiki EGY discount code.
  • Uncompetitive prices, as well as the ease of obtaining the order without shipping fees, with the store bearing the express shipping costs if the value of the purchases reached 599 pounds, and less than that, the shipping fees are simple, 69 pounds only.
  • Easy access to LC Waikiki store page to browse and see all offers before purchasing.
  • The ability to benefit from the discounts and offers that are downloaded every day for the pleasure of shopping using LC Waikiki EGY coupon code.

How to order and buy from LC WAIKIKI store?

Here are the steps for ordering and purchasing from LC Waikiki store. You must first create an account. To create an account, you can follow the following steps:-

  • You can enter LC Waikiki website to browse all the products and sections of the site to get an idea of ​​the site’s products.
  • You must create an account on LC Waikiki website by clicking on the word “Register”. If you have an old account, you can click on “Login”.
  • Type the required data in the fields on the registration page, and after completion, click on the word “Register”.
  • You can now browse the products you want to buy by model, size, and color, specifying the age group.

How to buy and order from LC Waikiki store:

  • Choose the product that suits you in terms of age, color, and size that you want to buy, whether for yourself or a member of your family, and you must make sure that the size is appropriate.
  • Click on the product you want to buy.
  • Add the product to the cart.
  • There is a mini market cart icon at the top of the page, click on it.
  • Click on the word “Complete Purchase”.
  • Now you are on the shopping offer page, click on the word “Payment”
  • Enter the contact information correctly.
  • Click on the word Save and continue.
  • Now you are at the stage of determining the appropriate payment method for you to enjoy 100% global products.

Offers And Discounts LC Waikiki discount code first order:

The store presents LC Waikiki EGY discount code for the first request for various and varied products, to facilitate its customers in obtaining what they want at the lowest prices and to ensure that they benefit from continuous discount offers throughout the year.

Where you can enjoy an additional 10% discount when making your first purchase from the store’s website, and enjoy safe shopping and obtain high-quality clothes.

What are the payment methods and how to use lc Waikiki code 2023 for shipping and delivery?

LC Waikiki provides several payment options when purchasing from the store, as it provides:

  • Pay with local credit cards
  • And various discount cards, such as LC and Waikiki EGY discount codes.
  • It also provides the option to pay upon receipt of the purchased product.

Shipping method and duration from LC WAIKIKI store

Regarding shipping to LC Waikiki store and all its branches inside Egypt, it delivers to the address that the customer specified, so it is very important to review your data before specifying the payment method so that the representative reaches you quickly.

LC Waikiki store deals with Aramex express shipping company to ensure that the product arrives as soon as possible.

As for shipping costs, they are fixed and estimated at 69 Egyptian pounds, unless the value of your shipment reaches 599 pounds, in which case shipping is free without asking for any fees.

As for the shipping period, it varies according to the size of the shipment itself and also the customer’s address, and if the shipping period is estimated as a maximum, then the maximum range will be estimated at seven days only.

If you track your shipment, all you have to do is log in to your account on LC Waikiki store, and from among the options choose the word “My Orders”, and choose the order details to show you the status of your current shipment.

LC WAIKIKI store customer service LC WAIKIKI

The LC Waikiki store has specified in all its branches in the Arab Republic of Egypt different means of communication, which are:

  • You can communicate through the hotline on this number 19739 in case of any questions or problems.
  • There is also an email for the LC Waikiki store with all its branches in Egypt via the following e-mail:, through which you can send or receive a message regarding your order.
  • Customer service can be contacted through LC Waikiki store page on the Facebook platform.

LC WAIKIKI product return and exchange policy

There is a policy for LC Waikiki online store to return, replace, or even cancel the order, and this means that the customer has these powers, but if the order meets the following conditions:

  • Products can be easily exchanged from the customer’s nearest branch of LC Waikiki store if the product is not suitable or was sent by mistake.
  • It must be returned in the condition in which it was intact and also attached to the invoice, and here it is possible to obtain the appropriate product at the same cost as the product that was returned.
  • It is possible to return the order or one of its products if it is in the condition it was received, it has not been opened or tested, or its stickers have been removed, and the invoice must be preserved upon return.

Correct return steps from LC Waikiki store

  • Customer service can be contacted at this number 19739 to communicate regarding the product to be returned.
  • The data of the request to be returned, its number, and the reason for its return must be clarified.
  • Fill out the return form and attach the invoice with the order to be returned.
  • If the bill is lost, you must contact customer service at the following number 19739 to inform them of this.
  • The representative arrives and takes the product to be returned without charging you the return costs.
  • Receive the return shipping policy so that you can track the return of your order.
  • And if you have the invoice and the student you receive it, and there is also a branch of LC Waikiki near you, you can return it yourself.

Money back policy from the LC Waikiki store

The money for the customer’s order can be returned within 14 days if the customer paid via his bank card, which takes 14 days from the date of returning the order if it is approved to be returned.

But if the payment was made in LC Waikiki store by cash on receipt, it will be transferred to a balance in LC Waikiki store to use in another purchase.

LC Waikiki store is one of the famous stores in the field of clothing and fashion in Arab countries, especially in Egypt. It has the reputation and trust of many and provides LC Waikiki Egypt offers and an LC Waikiki EGY discount code.