Linzi QT promo codes

Coupaeon’s partnership with Linzi QT has made it easier; you do not have to worry anymore as you can shop as much as you’d love to at a very discounted price. Linzi QT is your best store for quality female shoes. At Linzi, there are many beautiful, comfortable, and trendy shoes available for fashion-forward women.

Linzi QT has varieties of great quality shoes and footwear for every woman as there are ranges of shoe sizes, styles, beautiful colors, unique designs, and more. You can trust them for quality corporate and casual shoes, sandals, and slippers for your occasions and outings. Customers over the years have given good feedback and reviews about the quality of shoes, longevity in usage, comfort, and class the Linzi brand of shoes offers.

With Linzi QT, customer satisfaction is a priority as the quality of services and products offered are top-notch. Linzi boasts of well-trained customer service representatives that readily take orders, deliver appropriately, and ensure you are satisfied. Also, customers have given great feedback on the efficacy of the return, refund, and replacement policies of Linzi QT over the years.

What Linzi QT Offers

Linzi QT offers varieties of classy shoes that are every woman’s choice. There is a pair of shoes for every woman irrespective of your preference. Linzi QT offers a range of budget-friendly footwear that suits your needs and style.

At Linzi QT, size and color are never a problem as there is a range of sizes for all the colors available, and customers do not have to go through the hassles of letting go of their preferred footwear because of size, fittings, or color.

As much as shoes at Linzi QT are very affordable, Linzi QT coupon codes have made it easier as you can now save more while buying the shoes you love, and you have the opportunity to buy more. Linzi QT offers a variety of footwear which includes;

Heeled shoes

If you are searching for beautiful high-quality heeled shoes, then Linzi QT is your best bet as they offer different categories of shoes suitable for everyone.

Linzi QT stores offer comfortable and durable heels for everyone, regardless of your preference. The variety of heels includes:

  • Platforms
  • Mules
  • high heels
  • Heeled sandals
  • Mid heels
  • Court heels
  • Lace-ups

Linzi QT is your best option for comfortable balanced heel shoes. Their shoes come with durable, adjustable straps that could help in adjustment, provide balance and help keep your feet in a proper position to avoid discomfort.

Linzi QT gives you comfortable footwear to suit any situation, whether a business meeting, weekend outing, or a casual hangout; Linzi QT promises comfortable, balanced, and breathable shoes for your feet.


Linzi QT has a collection of the best boots you can get. Please get what you want from their store with different varieties, styles, colors, and textures. Linzi QT offers different categories of high-quality, comfortable boots suitable for office use, occasions, and outings. Linzi QT has in stock good durable boots suitable for any season or weather.

Most importantly, the texture of the boots is great and made with comfortable, breathable materials, and you do not have to worry about having smelly feet from wearing these boots for so long. Varieties of boots available include:

  • Long boots
  • Military boots
  • Heeled boots
  • Chelsea boots
  • Chunky boots

Linzi has an amazing must-have style, including staple classics, on-trend women’s ankle boots, high-heeled boots, and many fascinating styles.

Linzi QT coupon codes have made it easier to buy a lot of beautiful boots as you are now at liberty to buy so much and save more.


In case you do not feel comfortable in heeled shoes, Linzi QT has a beautiful collection of flat shoes that keeps your feet comfortable, elegant, and classy. Linzi QT offers fashionable shoes in different sizes, colors, designs, and patterns to suit your preference, and these shoes are suitable for all types of occasions or casual outings. Those flat shoes include:

  • Slippers
  • Skaters and trainers
  • Loafer and moccasins

These flats are fit for outdoor and indoor activities; they are comfortable, beautiful, durable, highly fashionable, and affordable.


Linzi QT has the right pair of sandals for every woman. Their sandals are made of high-quality material, very breathable, and comfortable. They have a pair of sandals fit for every activity. Various categories of colors, sizes, designs, and styles exist in their vast collection of sandals.

Most importantly, these sandals are affordable, beautiful, look smart, and can be paired with anything ranging from a nice pair of jeans to a flowing gown. Sandals available includes:

  • Jellies
  • Flatform
  • Flipflops
  • Wedges
  • Sandals
  • Sliders
  • Heeled sandals

The best part of Linzi sandals is their durability and affordability. You can wear these sandals the whole day without thinking of having peeled feet. If you need a new collection of high-quality sandals or want to change your regular sandals, then Linzi QT have you covered.

Linzi QT Payment Methods

Linzi has a good presence in many countries, including Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar. Because of its customers worldwide, the store offers various payment options to encourage customers to buy their products without hassles.

The variety of payment options available includes:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Paypal
  • Master card
  • Visa card

Linzi provides a secure means of payment for their customers to ensure their security and bank accounts are not at risk. Then again, there is the option of cash on delivery if you are not comfortable paying online; you pay when you receive and access your order.

However, it’s important to note that you may not be eligible to enjoy the 15% discount on the Linzi QT promo code as it works when you pay with a credit or debit card. Pay on delivery may hinder your eligibility for this offer.

Linzi QT Shipping Details

The average delivery of products from Linzi takes 1-2 working days to reach their customers. Linzi handles packaging, shipping, and delivering products to customers in Qatar. Customers who pay for their products online with cards tend to receive them faster than those who pay cash on delivery.

However, customers who are residents in Qatar and pay online tend to receive their orders after 6-8 working days of placing their orders. Customers who are in Qatar and choose to pay by cash on delivery may receive their product between 7-10 days.

The shipping fee in Qatar is 39 QAR. Orders up to 750 QAR and more are eligible for free delivery, and the cash on delivery fee is 25 QAR. Kindly note that their cash on the delivery threshold is 1800 QAR.

It’s also worth noting that all orders are subject to stock availability and initial security. Also, note You may be charged handling fees and taxes as your order passes through customs. They may ask that extra postage be paid if many items are ordered. They may also remove shoes from their boxes and wrap them to reduce the size and weight of the parcel.

Returns, Replacement, and Refund Policy

Linzi QT readily accepts returns purchased from Linzi within 14 days of delivery. However, you may order through your account page, or you can contact them by phone or email. When contact has been established with them, they will send you a ready-to-print shipping label, and all you have to do is ship the products to the address provided in the label below; Linzi Shoes 2 3 Trade City, Ashton Road, Harold Hill, Romford, Essex, RM3 8UJ 447709121497.

Customers may be responsible for the cost of shipping the returned orders; products must be in perfect condition as they were on arrival, the original package in which they came in must not be used and must be intact, and the database must be attached.

Ensure to communicate with the call center to get the correct address to make your return and send the package through any shipping company of your choice to the address provided. It’s important to note that the store does not exchange online purchases; you may have to return the product to them for a refund and to place a new order. It’s pertinent to note that the store may not be able to accept products that cause discomfort unless it’s proven that it’s the factory’s fault.

Furthermore, the store may not take responsibility for damages to the boxes or packages. Still, if the shoes were affected inside the box, you’d be requested to send a picture immediately to for further assistance.

Also, if you notice your order has been misplaced, tampered with, or damaged, kindly contact support immediately to lodge your complaint and send proof as the case may be; also, ensure to keep your packaging and the paperwork until your concerns have been addressed. It’s worth noting that any purchase made on special offers or sales may not be eligible for return. Also, shipping charges and COD may not be refundable.

Linzi Shopping Tips

Shopping aims to get great quality, comfort, style, and durability. Every shopper wants a lot of value for every money they spend. Linzi has made shopping even better because, with the Linzi promo code, you stand the chance of saving up to 15 percent on all items purchased in the store.

However, to make shopping seamless for customers, we best advise customers to choose what they want: the right shoe size, color, and style so as not to have to worry about reorders, returns and refunds. Also, in the place of confusion, it’s highly advised customers put a call across to support for better guidance.

Linzi Special Offers

Linzi also offers you the opportunity to get a 5 percent discount when you pay with your credit card in the store. You may also qualify for free delivery on orders up to or more than 750 QAR, all in addition to the promo codes offered by Coupaeon to help you shop more and save more.

How to Contact Customer Support

Linzi considers their customers a priority; hence they do everything possible to ensure the utmost satisfaction for their customers. To ensure you have a hassle-free experience while shopping, the stores ensure their website is friendly, easy to understand, and navigate.

However, in case of discrepancies, you could fill out their online contact to reach them, place a call, send an email to support, or check the FAQ section for answers to general questions.

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How to Use Linzi QT Coupon Codes

These coupons are very easy to use; all you need to do is get your coupon from Coupaeon, go to the store page of Linzi QT and shop all items you’re interested in.

In the payment section of Linzi QT, you’d be required to input your code or coupon, kindly do that and add it to your payment. When this is done, the coupon automatically reduces the price by 15 percent; then, you can go ahead and make payment for the available balance