About Offers And Only Store KWT

Offers And Only store KWT is one of the most important online stores offering the best discounts on medical products, cosmetics, hair, body, and skincare, as well as various products of medical devices, cosmetics, care, and many more.

The store is particularly interested in women but of course, there is a special section within the store for men that includes many medical products and care products for men, and the store is interested in offering the best products at competitive prices and offers that do not end.

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Offers And Only KWT is one of the group of pharmacies of the Pharmaceutical Import and Export Company, founded in 2009 by a group of pharmacists.

It was initially a single pharmacy, the “Healing Pharmaceutical Pharmacy”, and was able to develop itself and become within 3 years a pharmaceutical group, enjoying a good place and reputation within the Kuwaiti market.

Why is Offers And Only the best?

There is no doubt that offering offers and discounts to customers are one of the most important features of any store, but when you buy from Offers And Only you will find offers and products at a competitive price as well as many other features as follows:

  • On the purchase page of each product, you will find a detailed explanation of the product that takes you on a quick tour that explores the product before you make the purchase decision, and includes that information (product uses, features and benefits as well as how to use it properly and how best to store the product and other information.
  • When choosing a product you will find on the purchase page how long it takes to order until it reaches you.
  • In-store you can easily navigate from one section to another between many divided sections so you can easily and quickly access your order.
  • Offers And Only is interested in providing ready customer service at any time to respond to your queries and questions and resolve all problems you may encounter during the purchase process or in receiving or retrieving your order.
  • To facilitate your purchase and to enjoy a perfect purchasing experience, Offers And Only Kuwait has launched a premium app that you can download on iPhone, and Android phones to enjoy the strongest offers and discounts.
  • The store allows you to subscribe to Our Newsletter via your email, through which you can get any notification or new news about the store, or the offers and discounts.
  • Many international brands are provided to you by Offers And Only, as it deals only with brands that enjoy a reputation and outstanding status and are trusted by customers, and are authorized by the Ministry of Health.
  • The store has all the products for prevention and sterilization that are indispensable, especially in the current health conditions in which we live, and the spread of viruses especially coronavirus.
  • The store allows you to “consult your pharmacist” service. If you want to inquire about a product or ask about anything related to medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics, you can ask your question and receive the answer as soon as possible.
  • Offers And Only seeks to provide you with a premium service and delivery as quickly as possible.
  • The store is interested in providing products needed by all age groups beginning with newborns, mothers, and women’s supplies in general, as well as men, as well as products needed by the elderly.
  • All the cosmetics, personal care, skincare, hair, and body needs are available at the Offers And Only store, to give yourself the care and beauty you deserve.
  • Offers And Only allows you to use discount coupons offered by Coupaeon, which also offers many discount codes such as Modanisa KSA Promo Code.

Offers And Only Store Departments

One of the most important features of the Offers And Only KSA store is the in-store sections that are accurately classified and easy to reach your order directly and easily, we will mention the following:

Prevention and Immunization

This section includes prevention products such as gloves and gags, as well as various types of honey to enhance your immunity, especially in the cold and winter season in which equestrian diseases are frequently infected, as well as vapors and other products.

All items

In this section, you will find a variety of pharmaceutical, therapeutic, cosmetic, hardware, and other products.

Latest Offers

In this section, you will find amazing offers, and discounts that you do not expect and will not find the same in any store or elsewhere, as well as newly added products, as well as packages, and purchase offers.

Older persons

Offers And Only provides products and supplies for the elderly.

The most prominent of these products are diapers in large and different sizes needed by older patients in special conditions, vitamins, and supplements many supplements and vitamins needed by the body, to enhance immunity and restore the strength and vitality of the body, you will find within this section.


This section offers various products to care for all skin types, as well as cleaning, protection, skin care products, hydration serums, eye care products, eyelashes and lips, catchers that give you lightening and deep cleaning, and lots of products waiting for you.

Body Care

All the body care and hydration products you are looking for, hair removal and body sanding are available within this section, as well as deodorant and intimate area care products, foot, and hand care products.

Hair Care

Includes hair care products, hydration products, and treatment of hair problems, tinctures, and best shampoo and conditioner.

Your daily routine

In this section, you will find all the products you need in your daily routine of sanitary pads, creams, perfumes, toothbrushes, and other indispensable products.


Offers And Only has not forgotten to provide you with cosmetics that highlight your beauty and give you an attractive look. This is what you will find within the makeup section of cosmetics for eyes, lips, eyelashes, and face, varied products for guaranteed global brands, giving you high stability and self-confidence.

Best Selling

Through this section, the store helps you identify products that are accepted for purchase by other customers and recorded the highest sales percentage so that you can make a proper purchase decision.


This section includes various types of therapeutic medicines and each type of medication includes reasons for use and what is used.

Health Care

This section includes healthcare products such as child health and sexual health, immunity enhancement products, products that help you sleep better, and anemia treatment products.

Hardware & Tools

In this section, there are many multi-use devices, where you will find special beauty and hair removal devices, dental devices, thermometers, scales, sugar and pressure measurements, first aid as well as ligament boosters, all of which are indispensable supplies and tools in any home.

Mother and Child

It contains all the care supplies and products that newborns need from the first day until the age of months. It also includes many products needed for the mother such as postpartum sanitary pads.


This section includes supplements and vitamins that give men strength and promote their health, hair care products, as well as shaving products, and tools.

Top brands at Offers And Only

There are many international brands you’ll find in the Offers And Only store, most notably Miley (Dermadoctor, Cosmo Pharma, Cetaphil, Beesline, Farmclinix, Labo, Nee, Health Aid, Puritan’s Pride, Alfa Vitamin, American Creations, Aveeno, Beauty Med, Bio Oil, Biotopix, Kiss, Ceravi, Charming Woman.

The most important services offered to you by Offers And Only?

There are many services you can avail of at Offers And Only Store Kuwait, these services are:

  • Consult your pharmacist, which is one of the free services provided by the pharmacy to answer all the questions you are looking for answers to.
  • Service selling diabetic tapes and diabetes measurement supplies at cost.
  • Today’s Over Service is a daily offer that is only within 24 hours on a particular product.
  • Free delivery in Kuwait and shipping services for all countries of the world.

Steps to Activate Offers And Only Promo code Kuwait

You can get exclusive discounts when activating the discount codes offered by the Coupaeon website such as Izil Beauty KWT discount code, and simple steps you can activate Offers And Only discount Coupon Kuwait as follows:

  • Copy the Promo code from Coupaeon.
  • Click on “Go Shopping Now” to be directed to the Offers And Only KWT store.
  • You can register a new account if you don’t have an account in the store to start shopping or shop as a visitor through the store sections.
  • Select the products you want to buy and add them to your basket.
  • Check your purchases, select the quantities you want and review them well before confirming your purchase.
  • On the purchase page, you will find the “Enter Coupon Code Here” box enter the Promo Code you got from the Coupaeon website.
  • Complete the payment procedures and record the required data such as an address, name, and phone correctly.
  • Select the payment method, then you can confirm the purchase.

Features of Using Offers And Only Promocode Kuwait

Activating Coupaeon discount codes such as Noon UAE promo code and enjoy many features.

Now you can shop through the Offers And Only store, and use offers and Only promocode Kuwait to take advantage of the following features:

  • Get an exclusive and real discount on all products of up to 10%, as well as a special discount on viola products of up to 15%.
  • Shop all your products at competitive prices and daily discounts through the Offers And Only store.
  • Great offers waiting for you to be provided by the store help you save a lot of money especially offers (1 + 1 for free).
  • By downloading the Offers And Only Store app on your mobile you will be able to receive more exclusive offers and marketing better and easier.
  • Offers And Only Store is interested in updating products first by first and adding new products, in the “New Products” section you can see the latest products.

Can the order be retrieved after the purchase?

Offers And Only Store offers the possibility to retrieve orders but with conditions, as follows:

  • The order will be returned within 14 days from the date of receipt.
  • The invoice should be retained.
  • If the product is not a drug priced by the Ministry of Health.
  • The product does not need refrigeration or refrigeration.
  • If the product is not a corset, shorts, ties, or any product that is personally worn or used.

What is the return policy at Offers And Only?

  • The Offers And Only Store makes it easier for you to change or return, within 14 days from the date of purchase, but in line with ministerial decisions and regulated laws, and not to contravene the laws and regulations established by the Ministries of Commerce and Health.
  • Once the order is returned, the refund will be refunded, but the refund will be the same as the payment at the time of purchase.
  • When paying through an ATM card or credit card, the refund process is the same as the card data and also to the same customer.
  • The period for the transaction to be completed and subject to the conditions of the affiliated bank.

What communication methods does Offers And Only provide

Offers And Only is interested in facilitating and opening channels of communication with customers to resolve any problem and answer questions and queries as soon as possible through the following means of communication:

  • Call WhatsApp at 56611166
  • Or by 96555085600 + or 96556611166 +
  • From outside Kuwait, you can call 0096556611189
  • Or via email.
  • Can also communicate via social media such as (Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat)

At the end of this article, which we took you through on a quick tour of the Offers And Only store Kuwait, we wish to have clearly and simply explained all the information you would like to know about the store, invite you to have a special buying experience and take advantage of the offers and discounts provided by the store and Coupaeon website.


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