Sivvi UAE Promo Code 2022

Sivvi UAE discount code (YJ66 ) gives you continuous discounts throughout the year to get an additional discount every time you copy Sivvi UAE discount code.

Get discounts on any of the products you want to buy from Sivvi store with 20% discounts on all categories, except the beauty brands.

Sivvi UAE Promo Code
Sivvi UAE Promo Code

Save a lot of money now and get an instant discount on all fashion, fashion, accessories, and many other special products inside Sivvi store.

In addition to the strongest annual Eid offers and exclusive downloads on all products available in the store, you can also activate the discount coupon now through our Coupaeon website.

Sivvi UAE Discount Voucher And Seasonal Discounts

As always, Coupaeon team was keen to follow up and monitor the seasonal discounts of the stores.

Continuously try Sivvi UAE discount vouchers in the biggest discounts, and the rest of the App Store and Google Play applications.

Follow The Seasonal Sivvi Discounts

Participation in seasons such as year-end offers, Black Friday offers, White Friday offers, or Golden Friday, as some call it.

Especially since the stores are keen to participate in any season of sales, such as the seasons of National Day or Singles’ Day.

Or other better times to buy products online using Sivvi UAE discount codes. And follow-up is done through our team at every moment.

About Sivvi Website And The Use Of Sivvi Discount Code

Before getting Sivvi UAE discount code, you must familiarize yourself with the origin of this store.

It was established in 2014 by the son of Mohammed Al-Abbar, the Emirati businessman, and the owner of the Noon store, and he chose to have this store specialize in the field of modern clothing and fashion.

As it provides more than a hundred international brands that provide the best forms of clothing and fashion.

As sivvi website is interested in providing a huge group of Sivvi UAE discount codes.

Sivvi UAE Discount Coupon About Hair

Sivvi UAE discount coupon about hair so that you can buy products and clothes that suit different family members at the lowest possible costs with a sivvi discount code.

Or a renewed sivvi discount coupon. The store always provides the best exclusive collections of unparalleled products at prices that you will not find in any other store

So, don’t miss out on this purchasing experience and get SIVVI UAE discount code 2022 now.

Why Should I Have Sivvi Discount Code Or Sivvi Coupon?

There are many advantages that you can get as soon as you use Sivvi UAE discount code.

Or as some call it Sivvi UAE discount code, which makes it necessary to obtain it. In addition to the features that the store provides you in general.

Save by using Sivvi UAE coupon code 2022, copy Sivvi coupon to benefit from a 20% discount value given to all wonderful sivvi UAE products except for the beauty section.

The store is very easy to browse and buy, you can easily access and use sivvi UAE discount code.

Follow The Advantages Of Using Sivvi Store

You can register on the store in simple steps, add your data, and enjoy the great experience now.

The store also provides you with an original Sivvi application that works on various types of mobile phones, whether they are running the Android or IOS operating system.

Sivvi in ​​Arabic is available from any country, whether it is sivvi Saudi Arabia or the UAE, to get your products at the lowest possible prices.

The diversity of payment methods in the store gives you the ease of purchase, and the Sivvi discount coupon is available with various payment methods. relies on a highly organized online interface, where its various products are divided into several major categories.

Thus, it is easy to choose from this number of available international and local products and brands.

How To Activate The SIVVI UAE Discount Coupon

  • Search our Coupaeon website for Sivvi UAE.
  • It will show you all the active offers and coupons on our site.
  • Choose the appropriate code for you and click on the coupon view, then copy the code and press go to the store.
  • After that, add your purchases to the shopping cart available on the Sivvi website
  • Then go to the shopping cart and paste the coupon in the promo code field and click to activate the coupon.
  • You will get an immediate 20% discount on the value of your purchases. You can also take advantage of Noon discount coupon and Miss L’azurde.

How To Get The Best SIVVI UAE Discount Code?

  • After going to the main page of the Coupaeon website.
  • Use the search box feature, then type the name of the store or product, and after obtaining it, press the “Copy discount code” button.
  • Then Sivvi UAE discount code will be copied and then go to the pre-payment page in the Sivvi store
  • Paste the code to activate the best Sivvi UAE discount code available on your products in the basket.

Sivvi Store Sections

Sivvi Store contains many sections that meet all family needs, including clothes and shoes for women, men, and children.

All this at discounted prices using Sivvi UAE promo code.

In addition to accessories, bags, and beauty care tools, while also providing home décor and sports equipment, the following shows you the store’s sections.

Men’s Section In Sivvi Store

This section provides everything that meets your man’s needs, including accessories, fashion, and many other products such as:-

Comfortable clothes, shorts, skirts, tassels, sports clothes, swimwear.

Beachwear, and T-shirts, in addition to shoes for the most famous international brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma, which you can get using Sivvi UAE discount code.

It also provides the necessary accessories such as watches, perfumes, handbags, travel, and many more men’s products provided by the Sivvi store with strong discounts when using Sivvi flash codes that are available now.

Women’s Section In Sivvi Store

It contains all the women’s needs of fashion, shoes, accessories, and all beauty and makeup tools.

In addition to the ongoing Ramadan offers on all products available in the store.

It also provides the latest modern styles that suit all tastes at discounted prices through Sivvi UAE promo code.

Children’s Section In The Sivvi Store

The children’s section is distinguished by providing the best products that every mother is looking for for her children, such as clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories

And many more products for boys and girls with amazing discounts on all purchases using Sivvi discount voucher.

Beauty Section In Sivvi Store

It provides the best care products used by all women and men (make-up, skincare, hair care, body care, fragrances, and accessories)

And many other products are available in Sivvi stores.

Save now and get an instant discount when using Sivvi UAE discount code, which gives you a unique and distinctive purchase on all products.

To Contact Customer Service In The UAE

  • 1 – You can contact them through the mobile number for the United Arab Emirates, which is 80074884.
  • 2 – You can contact them by email, which is
  • 3 – To contact Help Center.

Return From Sivvi Emirates

  • 1 – You will go to the menu and then click on the word (My Account).
  • 2 – After that, click on the word (return), and secondly, click on the word (submit a request).
  • 3 – Choose the product you want to return.
  • 4 – Choose the appropriate place to deliver the product.
  • Click on the word (send).
  • 5- You can contact via email, through the social networking pages of the site, live chat on the website, or call the call center at +971 4383 2000 (in the United Arab Emirates)

Sivvi Store Exchange And Return System

The site provides the possibility of replacing the products, which guarantees the consumer to replace the parts that show any defects or the like.

This is within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of its receipt.

You have the choice between obtaining a shopping credit of the same value as the purchases to be used later or returning the price of the returned products after deducting the shipping costs.

Non-Returnable Products

  • They are classified as hazardous materials, flammable gasses, or liquids.
  • That have been used in the past or have been damaged or that are different from the person who received them.
  • Any consumables that have been used or installed on something else.
  • All products have no string or are tampered with.
    • (All specified items, including household products, swimwear, hosiery, underwear, contact lenses, earrings, tattoos, hygiene, and personal care products
    • (including beauty products) and products that are packaged and opened.

The Most Important Payment Methods Available Through Sivvi

The site guarantees its customers a large number and variety of payment methods, the most important of which is the cash-on-delivery service.

Which is the most important and popular, especially in the Gulf countries, in addition to the following payment methods:-

  • Credit Cards, American Express
  • Maestro cards
  • PayPal

Don’t forget to use Sivvi UAE discount vouchers, codes, and coupons 2022 provided by Coupaeon, so you can take advantage of the best offers available!

How To Buy From Sivvi Store USE 🇦🇪

Sivvi store provided customers with an easy and convenient way to shop, as well as providing wonderful Sivvi UAE discount codes.

  • After you take a tour inside the Sivvi store and choose the product you want to buy and then click on the word (Add to Cart).
  • Paste your chosen Sivvi UAE Promo code to get a 20% discount on all departments of the store except for the beauty department.
  • After that, you go to the menu and then click on the word (complete purchase).
  • You will be directed to the (address) page, and then choose your address accurately
  • After that, you will click on the word (continue).

After that, you will determine the method of payment, whether it is via a bank visa, or you can pay cash by the arrival of the shipment and then pay the representative when the shipment arrives and the product is received.

Is Sivvi Store UAE Guaranteed And Original?

After checking the store information and customer experiences of Sivvi Emirates, we can now confirm that the store is registered as an officially approved brand and provides authentic products for sure.

You can see reviews from customers who have purchased the products. In addition to the ongoing Sivvi UAE offers and Sivvi UAE discount codes.


we make it clear to everyone that having sivvi UAE Promo code or a sivvi coupon will be effective on most of the products that are in the shopping cart and it will be easier and safe to shop directly from the official store to be sure and the discount coupon is one of the great ways to make sure that this store is safe and reliable. Don’t forget to follow our Coupaeon website to get the latest Sivvi UAE discount code.