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Swvl Promo Code: With over 600 lines in Cairo and...More

Swvl Promo Code:

With over 600 lines in Cairo and Alexandria, Swvl gives you a hustle-free transportation experience you can rely on for your daily rides from and to work. In addition to an easy-to-use mobile app to make your bookings easier.

And to make your experience even better, Swvl gives you an affordable everyday bus rides with continually offers and deals on all the lines.

And if you are a new users, You can use our swvl coupon code to Enjoy your First Ride for Free.

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Swvl Coupon for 50% OFF on 5 rides inside Cairo

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Swvl Promo Code: Using Swvl was a great idea for...More

Swvl Promo Code:

Using Swvl was a great idea for many customers that helped them saving more time and money, Thanks to it’s affordable, quality, convenient and reliable everyday bus rides experience. And with more than 600 lines in Cairo & Alexandria you can book your perfect ride to save your time and money.

And when we say affordable we mean it, specially with the continually offers and deals from Swvl you will enjoy your rides more and pay less. Just check our swvl promo codes to find the offer you need.

And with this swvl promo code you can get to save 50% OFF on 5 rides inside Cairo.

  • This coupon code is valid on rides in Cairo only.
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  • The maximum amount of the discount you get for every ride is 25 EGP.
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Swvl is an Egyptian company that provides pre-reserved private mass transport services by applying them to smartphones. It is the first company of its kind to provide this service, as it seeks to find the best alternative to public transportation in Egypt.

The company provides its services on pre-determined and fixed lines, which makes Swvl a suitable service for your daily trips to and from work. The number of lines that the company’s cars operate daily has reached more than 600 lines in Cairo and Alexandria, with the company striving to add more.

The company is not limited to pre-established trips only, where the user can book a private bus fully. It is a service that you can use when you are traveling with your family or friends to enjoy a more comfortable and affordable trip.

The company relies – mainly – to provide its services on the Swvl app that is available for smartphones running Android and iOS. The app has a simple and easy to use interface that allows you to choose and book, as well as track your trips easily and smoothly.

Swvl services are characterized by high quality, as the company works to provide the best possible service to customers with air-conditioned cars, comfortable seats, specific dates, and affordable cost. This makes Swvl the ideal solution for you to avoid the hassle and the daily cost of public transportation, in addition to saving a lot of time.

Also, Swvl continuously strives to make the experience of using it less expensive than public transportation, as well as private transportation services. And you can notice this with the many offers and discounts offered by the company on its trips, which include free rides offers and up to 50% off discounts on other rides.

The partnership between Swvl and Coupaeon comes to provide all offers and discounts, along with Swvl coupon codes that a customer may need in one place.