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The Story Behind The “Black Friday”

Black Friday, strange name isn’t it? Many social media users are wondering why Black Friday is called by that name, and what is the story behind this day, which is always related to amazing offers and discounts.

Black Friday, or what is known as White Friday in the Arab countries, which is the last Friday of November of each year, is the season for buying Christmas gifts, where the owners of stores make huge discounts and offers on their goods, and the shops open early because of the large numbers of people who seek taking advantage of these offers.

Simply put, Black Friday is an American tradition that takes place directly after Thanksgiving Day and in which the offline and the online stores participate as well as compete with each other to attract buyers through high discounts that reach 90% for some products, as well as hourly offers on specific products such as electronics, clothes, furnishings, and others.

It is worth noting that most people seek to buy Christmas gifts on that day because of the discounts, which lead to a large gathering in front of the shops that sometimes leads to quarrels, especially between women.

According to many sources, there are couple of stories behind why this day is called so, the first story dates back to the city of Philadelphia in 1960, where Thanksgiving, which was on Thursday, was an official holiday in the United States, and many workers were taking advantage of the next day as a day off by their companies, and millions of those were seeking buying Christmas gifts on that Friday, which led to a crowd of citizens in front of the shops and traffic jams and many car accidents, which was the reason why it was called Black Friday.

As for the other story, it dates the name of the day to September 24, 1869, as a result of inflation and economic recession that affected the value of the currency and caused the unwillingness of consumers to buy products, and foreign trade stopped, forcing the owners of goods and shops to sell their products at a less prices than usual, and later on, traders have been offering major discounts on goods on this day every year.

As for the word “Black”, it was because accountants used to use black ink to record profits of companies and shops and red ink to record losses in the book of accounts, and as a result of achieving great profits on that day, as the books were filled in black, it was called Black Friday.

Whichever story you prefer or want to believe, this day will remain an American tradition that, fortunately, was gradually exported to European countries and then to Arab countries with all its benefits. And although this event is well-known in the United States of America and some countries of the world, however, Arab e-shopping sites began in 2014 to celebrate Black Friday on online stores, and they called it “White Friday” in most Arab countries.

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