Carrefour KSA Coupon Code

Carrefour Promo Code KSA Today
Carrefour Promo Code KSA Today

Use Our Carrefour Coupons to Get Best & Latest Offers From Carrefour, Get Extra Discounts & Latest Vouchers and Also You can Get Free Delivery For Your Orders From Carrefour Store.

Carrefour KSA Products

Carrefour aims to delight customers with competitive prices for over 100,000 products in its stores. You have a range of products from electronics to fresh fruits from all over the world. It also offers a large selection of products of various categories related to grocery and high-quality home essentials such as food and drinks including ready-to-eat, organic and healthy foods as well as food products from Western and East Asian food products. It also offers all the household products you may need like air fresheners, cleaning products, kitchen supplies and cooking tools.

In addition to all the above mentioned products, Carrefour KSA also offers a great selection of women’s and men’s hygiene care products, cosmetics, makeup, perfumes and accessories. You can also find products that care about your children’s health, starting from shampoo and skin care lotions to diapers and food supplies.

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Carrefour Coupon Code

Carrefour KSA promotions offer unique shopping features to customers across the Middle East, Africa and Asia to help them achieve the best cost-effective shopping experience.

Carrefour KSA offers discounts on thousands of food products and thousands of household goods as the store caters to the growing needs of the region’s customer base and it’s committed to providing a high quality and affordable product range with daily offers.

Carrefour Promo Code KSA Today
Carrefour Promo Code KSA Today

Enjoy the mega sale offers of Carrefour Riyadh, Carrefour Jeddah, Carrefour Dammam, Carrefour Medina, Carrefour Al Khobar and other Carrefour stores in Saudi Arabia when using the Carrefour KSA promo code and Carrefour television coupon code for an amazing shopping experience that will save you a lot and offer great buying opportunities.

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How to Use Carrefour KSA Coupon Code

Applying the coupon code is easy and can be done with just a few clicks.

  • Easily find the Carrefour KSA page either in the website’s “All Stores” section, or via the Coupaeon search bar.
  • On the Carrefour page, you will find all the currently available Carrefour promo codes.
  • Copy the Carrefour coupon to take advantage of the discount then click on the “Go to store” button.
  • Once you’re transferred to the Carrefour website, you can shop for all of the items you’re looking for, and once you’re done shopping, proceed to checkout as you normally would.
  • Then you will find the slot specified for coupons where the coupon code you got from Coupaeon can be pasted for more discounts.
  • Once you have pasted the code, your discount will be confirmed and applied to your total cart value.

Carrefour Payment Methods

Carrefour KSA stores give their customers the ability to pay online for your purchases with safety and security in mind using any credit card/debit card (Visa and MasterCard), or even by paying COD (cash on delivery), which is the most convenient option for most users.

Enjoy shopping at the best prices and the best payment methods and discounts from Carrefour online shopping.

Carrefour Site Features

  • All items available on Carrefour website are delivered to you with the brand’s warranty and protection promise.
  • Carrefour offers its users free delivery for all orders above SAR 100.
  • It provides only original high quality products that fully comply with the specifications listed on the product page.
  • It provides many payment methods, as you can shop on Carrefour platform and pay whether by cards or upon receipt.
  • Shipping and delivery speed, as it delivers the product to the user in a very short time, it can reach at least 24 hours.

Carrefour Product Return Policy

Return policy for Carrefour Egypt is 14 days and 7 days for Carrefour KSA and Carrefour UAE in case of an error or defect in the product or that the product is not valid for non-perishable foods and 3 days for electronics from the date of receiving the product, just make sure to keep the product in the same condition it was delivered in. Accordingly, the product will be replaced or refunded within 7 days. Returned and/or exchanged products purchased via the website can be returned by hand receipt or by direct delivery to the nearest Carrefour hypermarket.

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Does Carrefour help if I’m having a problem setting up an electrical product I’ve purchased from them?

Yes, they’d gladly help you. You can visit the nearest Carrefour store and ask for their after sale team’s help and they’ll happily assist you.

What are the payment cards I can use to pay for my Carrefour order?

Carrefour provides you with the easiest payment methods to make sure they suit each and every customer, that’s why Carrefour accepts Cash, Credit/Debit cards, Cash Back Ticket's and Gift Cards.

Does Carrefour sell original electronics?

All items sold in Carrefour stores or on Carrefour website are guaranteed being original stock from the brand, the manufactory warehouse or the distributor. They carry an original warranty from the brand or the distributor that protects them against any manufacturing default, which begins on the item delivery day and lasts as per the brand's Terms and Conditions (mentioned on the attached warranty).

Are there any hidden charges when making an order online?

There are no hidden charges when making an order online at all. You pay exactly the price you see on the product page and nothing more.

Are the prices in-store are the same as on the website?

Except a special clearance price in store, store prices are guaranteed online: you are charged for the same price or less you would pay in store.