Haseel KSA Discount Code

You can now buy the best fresh vegetables and fruits easily and simply, delivered to your doorstep through the Internet, via your phone or your computer.

Just download Haseel application and enjoy the purchase at any time, in addition to that all the goods provided to the customer are fresh. Use Haseel Saudi Arabia discount code MEGA97 when completing the payment process to get a 15% discount.

Once you have added your desired products to your cart, simply go to the shopping bag icon and view your shopping cart. In the little box labeled Haseel KSA Discount Code MEGA97, you can add any promotional code you have.

Haseel 2022 discount code of 15% effective on all delivery orders

You can now order all fresh natural juices, vegetables, and fruits through the haseelapp application in easy and simple steps. First, choose your favorite product that you want to buy and what is the right quantity for you.

Secondly, choose the time and place where you want to receive your products. Thirdly, follow up on your order by tracking the driver and knowing his location. Finally, it is your preferred method of paying for and receiving products.

Haseel application offers an easy and unique experience in browsing, purchasing, and choosing the products that suit you through an easy, fast, and detailed application.

It does not require effort to understand it and order through it what you want, and it also provides you with distinctive Haseel Saudi Arabia discount codes to take advantage of continuous offers and discounts.

About Haseel Saudi discount coupon

Now you can buy a discount coupon to buy all the food commodities, vegetables, and fruits you need at the lowest prices from within the wonderful Haseel application. Just copy Haseel Saudi Arabia discount coupon and get a huge purchase offer with immediate discounts.

You can buy all the food commodities, vegetables, and fruits you need at the lowest prices from within the wonderful Hasil application. Just copy Haseel KSA discount code and get special offers.

How to get Haseel discount code

  • Head through Google search engine to Coupaeon website and search for Haseel application.
  • Once you click on the application, you will be presented with many distinctive Haseel KSA discount codes MEGA97.
  • Choose the suitable one and your favorite among them by clicking on the Copy Coupon button.
  • Enter the application, buy and shop as you like, and you will get all the products fresh and the best crops.
  • During the confirmation of the order, set the appropriate date for you to receive your order, and when it reaches you, choose the method you want to pay by, and then use Haseel Saudi Arabia discount code to apply a 15% discount on the price of your order.

How to order and complete the purchase in Haseel application?

  • After downloading Haseel application, browse all the special Hasil offers and add the vegetables, fruits, and juices you need to the shopping cart.
  • Determine the quantities that suit you from the exhibits, then choose the preferred place and time to receive Haseel products.
  • Through the notifications that you receive, you can directly follow the progress of the driver.
  • Receive your order and pay in the way that suits you, whether by paying cash or by credit card, and do not forget to evaluate the service.
  • Use Haseel Saudi Arabia promo coupon during the payment process to be able to get Haseel discount on the basic price of the order.

Where was the beginning of Haseel?

Haseel Company for Foodstuffs and Commodities was established in the State of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has become, at present, one of the most famous food companies.

The work team wanted to reach and communicate in a faster and easier way with customers, so this application was created to communicate through it and enjoy ordering and purchasing at any time.

Thus, Haseel company, which specializes in ordering and delivering fresh vegetables and fruits through its application for smart mobile devices, imposes itself within the arena of competition between electronic platforms for e-commerce and can prove itself among startups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Information about Haseel application

Haseel application is one of the most famous stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering all kinds of food commodities, including vegetables and fruits. It is one of the best applications ever for hundreds of people in the Kingdom. The work team also provides its services at the highest level and prices lower than any other market, outlet, or store.

Haseel guarantees to all its customers the quality of the goods available to it and the testimony of all users. Therefore, you can now order any commodity at any time in only three steps to facilitate the ordering and purchasing process for customers.

So this application was created for the customer to benefit and request what he wants while he is in his home or anywhere he is without trouble or making any effort.

In a remarkable development that expresses the rapid growth of the startup company specialized in ordering vegetables and fruits through its mobile application only, Haseel was able to obtain an undisclosed investment in an investment round led by “Riyadh Taqnia Fund” and with the participation of Vision Ventures and 500 startups, according to what “Riyadh Taqnia Fund” announced via Twitter.

What about the list of requests available within Haseel application?

Within Haseel application, a list of all user requests that have been completed through the application is available

  • Current requests: This feature allows all users of Haseel application to view all requests that have been made through the application, with the date and value paid.
  • Previous orders: All delivered orders are displayed with full details in terms of date, address, date, day, and cost.

Haseel application features

  • Haseel application offers an easy and fast way to order products, which guarantees the best service.
  • You can follow the driver through the direct tracking feature from Google, which allows you to follow the driver and know the exact time of his arrival.
  • The application supports sending different notifications to the user about the status of the request, so the user is aware of all stages until the arrival of his request.
  • This service allows you to purchase coupons to be added to your Haseel account, and gives you ease in completing the purchase process and obtaining special Haseel KSA offers.
  • Provide a hasel discount code.
  • Haseel is keen to provide promotional codes that enable users to get discounts that suit everyone.
  • In the interest of continuous development, Haseel provides direct communication with its customer service, which will provide all support to Haseel customers.
  • You will receive your orders as quickly and efficiently as possible and be packaged neatly and hygienically.
  • You can pay with your credit card safely without any worries.
  • Follow Haseel on social sites to receive the offers first.

How can I pay inside Haseel?

You can pay inside Haseel through a variety of methods, in addition to Haseel Saudi Arabia discount code, which gives you a 15% discount.

  • Payment through Visa Card
  • Payment through MasterCard
  • Pay through Mada
  • Payment by cash upon receipt

Before completing the payment process in a collection, you must choose the appropriate method for it, and before completing the order confirmation, you must use Haseel KSA discount code to apply the discount to the order price.

What is the delivery time inside Haseel?

With the testimony of all customers, you will get the best delivery experience ever, both in terms of duration and cost.

Just confirm the order and choose the exact date that suits you, and your order will be delivered to you wherever you are do not forget to paste Haseell Saudi Arabia discount code

Once confirmed, a confirmation message will be received for your order and all the details, as well as your order number. You can communicate directly with Haseel drivers and track your order and arrival date.

How can I track my order?

Haseel application interacts with its users through an easy application that allows the customer to view products and complete the order through only three steps.

The user application is also linked to a special application for Haseel drivers to ensure the quality of service and meet the customer’s aspirations so that the customer can communicate directly with the driver to track the date of arrival of the order.

Haseel customer service and how to communicate with them

  • By communicating via e-mail: app@haseelapp.com
  • By calling the phone number: 920033832
  • Through the communication feature available within the “Contact Us” application.

How to return and exchange Haseel application

You can request a refund or replacement for your order if it is unusable or damaged by making a request for a return or replacement with an explanation of the reason, or contacting Haseel application customer service via e-mail at app@haseelapp.com.

Is Hasseel application safe to use on my credit card?

Yes, the application provides you with a unique service and high-level protection through which you can use your credit card with confidence without worry.

Can I use a Haseel coupon while buying?

Yes, you can get Haseel KSA discount coupon through our Coupaeon website ,not only Haseel, but Ferns N Petals KSA promo code and Noon KSA discount code 2022.And you can use the code while paying either by credit card or cash on delivery once you receive your order.

Haseel application provides you with a very easy and simple shopping experience for vegetables, fruits, and meat, as the application is characterized by a smooth interface that is easy to deal with and order anything in record time. This is in addition to the speed of delivery of orders, and many other features, on top of which is Haseel Saudi Arabia discount code MEGA97.Haseel application also helps customers obtain fresh and high-quality products, as all products go through precise steps to measure their quality.

Now, what are you waiting for to order fresh vegetables and fruits. But don’t forget to use the Haseel promo code to enjoy an attractive discount on your order.