About The Body Shop Bahrain

Established in 1976, The Body Shop Bahrain is one of the largest online stores specializing in care and beauty products for more than 40 years. It was founded by Anita Rodick, which developed and supplied it with the best natural products and worked to create more revolutionary products.

It has a variety of facial, and skin care products, featuring the best modern gifts, a glamorous selection of women’s and men’s fragrances, a variety of hair care products, and a variety of make-up and tools.

The Body Shop contains the best types of oils, creams, fixed home fresheners, and the most fashionable products with European brands, all products in the store are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials and do not contain any chemicals or harmful substances.

The store also offers the best discounts and continuous offers, to satisfy all customers and the quality of its products has greatly helped in its spread in Bahrain. It has also been developed regularly and the products and offers offered through it are updated, so many customers are constantly flocking to it.

Many services are available to customers, including payment upon receipt, delivery of products to the door of the house, obtaining a real discount, and free shipping when activating The Body Shop Promocode Bahrain on all products. It also offers a retrieval and replacement service within 28 days of receipt, as well as a special team of customer service.

Sections of The Body Shop Bahrain

The store has many 100% natural products. You can get the products at a discount when applying The Body Shop Bahrain discount coupon.

They are organized within a range of sections as follows:

Special Offers Section

This section has a variety of amazing discounted products, which is unparalleled in any other e-store, so it is the best section for store customers, because the discounts in it last for long periods, as they are regularly updated.

Blockbuster Section

This section is the best-selling product in store, required by customers, it includes a wide range of products containing vitamin C, a variety of plant products, cosmetic tools, seasonal products, and products with small travel sizes at a significant reduction when activating The Body Shop Bahrain discount code.

Facial Section

When applying The Body Shop Bahrain discount coupons you will be able to get a significant reduction on the following products: face oils, shaving gels, shaving oils, lip care products, all kinds of lotion, toner, face masks, sprays, all kinds of scrubs, eye care products, beauty tools, all kinds of refreshments, and sun protection products.

Skin Care Products

It contains all the products for oily skin, dull skin, sensitive skin, regular skin, all about dry skin, and mixed skin, making it the most famous and best section of all time, and you can get these products in real-time when applying The Body Shop Bahrain discount codes.

Body Section

This section includes a variety of deodorants, shower gels, and body scrubs, as well as the best hand care products, shower bubbles, foot care products, nail care products, spa products, and real body hydration products when using The Body Shop Promocode Bahrain.

Makeup Section

The section features a variety of brushes, makeup tools, mascara, foundation, eyebrow products, eyeliner, make-up cleaner, and many other products at a reduced price when applying for The Body Shop Bahrain discount coupon.

Fragrance Section

Use The Body Shop Bahrain voucher and get an instant discount when you buy all kinds of static women’s and men’s perfumes that last for days with the best brands.

Gift Section

This section includes a variety of seasonal gifts, bags, gift boxes, perfume gifts, holiday gifts, gift cards, and many other fantastic gifts that can be obtained at a fantastic price when using The Body Shop Bahrain discount coupons.

Hair Section

This section includes a variety of shampoos, oils, hair brushes, hairdressing products, aromatic hair sprays, all types of hair balm, as well as hair masks, and scalp peelers, at competitive prices when using The Body Shop Bahrain discount codes.

Branches of The Body Shop Bahrain

Many shops and branches of the store are available throughout Bahrain and are as follows:

  • AL Enma Mall.
  • Bahrain Mall.
  • City Centre Bahrain.
  • Isa Town.
  • The Avenues.
  • Seef Mall.
  • Seef Mall – Arab, Muharraq

Features of The Body Shop Bahrain

The Body Shop has shone among many other stores, and you can get the best products at a competitive price when using The Body Shop Promocode Bahrain, one of its most important features is:

  • The store has a structured and easy interface, so you can navigate it easily.
  • It supports Arabic and English, making it easier to use.
  • Offers the best discounts on all the original products offered by the website when activating The Body Shop Bahrain discount coupon.
  • It provides the user with the possibility of replacing products from the store’s nearest branches, providing convenience to the customer.
  • Provide a refund within 28 days from the time of receipt of the products, and refund all the money paid in full, but under certain conditions.
  • Provides the best 100% original discounted trendy products made from eco-friendly materials.
  • The possibility of shipping and delivery to the door of the house for many areas of Bahrain.
  • Allows the user to buy using e-gift cards.
  • You can search for products you want to buy through the store’s search engine.
  • The store displays a different selection of gifts, which make the user in front of a variety of gifts suitable for all occasions.

How to get The Body Shop Promocode Bahrain?

The Body Shop Promocode Bahrain is one of the most effective discount coupons through which you can get the best products at cheap prices.

Get the code as follows: –

  • You should go to the official page of Coupaeon website.
  • You will find in front of you an enormous collection of coupons and discount codes.
  • You should search The Body Shop and choose The Body Shop Bahrain discount coupon.
  • Please click on the code to copy its Promocode “AA6M”, and keep it in your portfolio, until it is used.

How to use The Body Shop Bahrain

Enjoy a perfect shopping experience when using The Body Shop Promocode Bahrain to get products at discounted prices, and take advantage of the offers offered by The Code.

  • Access to the official page of The Body Shop Bahrain.
  • Clicking on the login box, write your username and password, if you have an account on the site, if you do not have an account on the site you must register your account.
  • Now you can easily visit the site, choose the products that are right for you, and you can search for the desired product within the site’s search box.
  • Ensure that all purchases are placed within the “shopping cart”, and must choose the appropriate number, type, and brand.
  • After completing the purchase process, all products in the basket must be reviewed.
  • Choose the right payment method for you, and paste the code for The Body Shop Bahrain discount code effective and provided by the Coupaeon website.
  • A little delay should be taken until the discount process is offered through The Body Shop Bahrain voucher.
  • Shipping and delivery are selected, and all your data and information are recorded in the designated area.
  • You can track your order until it reaches you.

Shipping & Delivery with The Body Shop Bahrain

The Body Shop Bahrain offers free shipping for many parts and regions of Bahrain. There are also many branches of the store.

You can pick up products through it and get the following: –

  • When you complete your order before noon, you can receive your order on the same day for the door of the house, at three Bahraini dirhams.
  • If your order is completed before noon, you can receive your order on the same day for free until the door, when your order totals more than Bahraini Dh35.
  • When you complete your order after 10 pm, you will be able to get it to the door, within a short period starting from one to two days only, and you can pick up your order for free when it’s worth 17 Bahraini dirhams or more.
  • When you complete your order before 10 o’clock, you will be able to get it in a short period starting from just one to three days with a delivery fee of 2 Bahraini dirhams.
  • You can get free shipping up to the door on orders over 17 Bahraini dirhams when you complete the order before 10 pm.
  • Shipping and delivery are available in many governorates of the State of Bahrain such as the Central Governorate, Southern Governorate, Muharraq Governorate, Bahrain Capital, and many areas of Bahrain.

Contact The Body Shop Bahrain Customer Service

The Body Shop Bahrain allows you to communicate with customer service, They respond quickly to all their calls and inquiries by:

  • Communicate via Facebook.
  • Communicate via Instagram.
  • Communicate by email and page messages.
  • Communicate through the store’s numbers.

Payment Options with The Body Shop Bahrain

When using The Body Shop Promocode Bahrain you will get a real discount on the total purchase invoice, and you can pay in many safe and accessible ways offered by the store: –

  • Payment upon receipt upon purchase is more than 200 Bahraini dirhams, but 2 Bahraini dirhams are paid for delivery fees for the door of the house.
  • Payment through credit card for orders over 200 Bahraini dirhams.
  • Payment service is available through the site, and a receipt is from any branch of the store.
  • Payment by MasterCard.
  • Payment by Visa.

Return Policy from The Body Shop Bahrain

The store offers many services to its customers to earn their valuable trust, and one of the most important of these services is that the store allows to return products, but under certain conditions: –

  • Products must be retrieved within 28 days of the customer’s receipt of the order.
  • The customer must have the original purchase invoice.
  • The products should be coated with their original casing outside the store.
  • Products mustn’t be scratched, or damaged by the user.
  • It is necessary to have the products inside their original packaging, and gifts sent with the products must be sent back to the store.

Replacement Policy with The Body Shop Bahrain

The store provides the service of replacing unwanted products again and getting another product, by the following steps: –

  • Go to the nearest store location to get a new product.
  • Ensure the availability of the desired product on the site, and replace the old product with a new one.

Questions posed by others

There are some frequently asked questions by many customers which are as follows: –

How long does the delivery time take when the order is registered?

You can easily find out when to get your order, through the text message sent to your email, and in case of any delays at the time of receipt, or insufficient information, you will be contacted by the delivery company.

I have received a discount coupon code but the code does not work, what is the reason?

It is necessary to ensure that the discount voucher is still valid, it is effective on the selected products, the total purchase invoice must arrive for the minimum voucher activation, and the voucher must not be used more than one time.

In case of any other type of problem you should communicate with the store customer service as soon as possible, the problem will be resolved quickly and accurately, and you will get the discount ratio of the voucher in full.