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Christmas Tree

Every year, in this month people celebrate the Christmas holidays, specifically at the end of December, and decorate Christmas trees which have traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years. 

Christmas trees are one of the most popular and famous Christmas traditions, decorated with lights and ornaments as a part of Christmas festivities, they can be fresh-cut, potted, or artificial and are used as both indoor and outdoor decorations. All these celebrations make us wonder what is the origin of the Christmas tree?

Some stories date back the beginnings of the Christmas tree to Europe in the first centuries AD, when the Germanic tribes used to cut trees, put them in their homes, and decorate them to celebrate the beginning of winter on December 25, and from there it moved to America and then the rest of the world.

 While Egyptologists see that the Christmas tree dates back to an older age, as they see that it began with the cradle of the ancient Egyptian civilization, which made the tree a symbol of resurrection, eternity, and birth in this life and the life after, and that’s why in the ancient Egyptian civilization, Egyptians painted trees on the walls of Heliopolis, and called it “Ished” and wrote on its leaves the names of the immortal kings.

There are countless stories about Christmas trees, so the exact origin of it is not accurately known, except that in many cultures there was a special meaning for green trees, such as firs and fringes, like these trees, according to those stories, we’re protecting people from the dangers of unknown natural forces and evil spirits, and with the passage of time, they became part of Christmas decorations and New Year rituals, and decorating Christmas trees became an integral part of these rituals, where trees are decorated with a wide range of traditional ornaments and lights, and a star is placed at the top of the tree to give a touch of joy.

In the past, Christmas trees that were decorated and placed in homes were natural trees, but now artificial ones in different sizes and types are more common, that’s why many companies have been planting pine trees for the holidays and selling them shortly before Christmas.

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Some Creative Ways To Decorate Christmas Trees

Choosing Your Christmas Tree Location

Before decorating your Christmas tree, it is necessary to determine where it will be placed, for example, it should be noted that a natural Christmas tree should not be put near the fireplace so that it does not dry out and lose its unique coniferous scent.

The classic option is to place the Christmas tree in the corner, between the chair and the sofa so it will not hinder movement, and will add a touch of warmth to the living room.

And if you like taking pictures of your Christmas tree, you can place it next to the table and have some of its branches nicely hanging on the edge of the table, providing a wonderful background for your family photos.

One of the latest trends in decorating the Christmas tree in homes with small space and narrow spaces is placing it upside down; That is, hanging it from its base on the ceiling so that it is dangling with its head down, and decorated, and thus does not take much space.

Choosing Your Christmas Tree Colors

If you want to break out of the ordinary, you can start using new colors such as blue, purple, or gold with silver instead of the traditional colors used for decorating the Christmas tree, or you can choose colors that express your personality and select the Christmas decor pieces based on them.

Choosing Your Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas is always related in our heads with cold weather, snowfall, and winter, and that’s why we suggest you add a snowy touch to your Christmas tree when decorating it, as you can use cotton and make the Christmas tree look like it is completely covered in snow.

You can also use light bulbs in decorating your Christmas tree, where you can choose lighting lamps in the colors you prefer and hang them around the Christmas tree in an artistic way with some Christmas balls for a more joyful tree.

You can also use letters on the Christmas tree to create congratulatory phrases, words expressing love and happiness, or the names of family members, giving a touch of intimacy and warmness in the hearts of your children.

You can use many decoration pieces to decorate a Christmas tree, for example, you can use colored lights, sparkling balls of different sizes and colors, small bells, colorful stars, strips of fabric such as satin to fill the spaces between the branches of the tree and the trunk, you can also use small figures of birds and butterflies of various sizes, and much much more.

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