Another is an amazing online store that has a unique history of giving its customers nothing but the best as the store is a one-stop solution for all varieties of premium-quality brands from the most reputable product manufacturers in the world including Elia, Note, Lagom, Sandshaped, Manila, Baby FOU, Eleganza, Common People, and more. In addition, you can use the Anotah UAE coupon codes to buy the best products from these celebrated brands and save huge from the discount you also stand to enjoy.

You can buy beautiful items for yourself and your loved ones at  Anotah UAE online store including fashionable clothing, accessories, beauty products, etc. Also, homewares can be found in this store. Reading further, you will see a lot more wonderful things you need to know about the Anotah UAE online store.

About Anotah

Anotah was established in 1998 by Mr. Ihsan Al Tahan, through a partnership created under the Green Wing Group. In the beginning, they founded a store in Kuwait to give every woman in the Middle East region, the best elegant and modest fashion clothing that they could not resist. While this clothing was simple, it was made with the idea of matching the uniqueness of the contemporary era so that wearers did not only look modestly dressed but also elegant and stylish.

At the start, the company sold fashion to women alone. But, they soon progressed to other products that made them stand out amongst many other stores. From one store in Kuwait, Anotah now has over 41 stores that are all active in their locations in the Middle East. Aside from Kuwait, where it first started, Anotah now operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar.

Anotah expanded the business to touch on other areas of need. They launched their online websites and began selling not just women’s clothing but also kids’ and teen’s clothing. In addition, they have exclusive products that take care of the beauty and wellness of individuals, as well as homeware products all from top brands around the globe.

Anotah offers products from internationally highly esteemed brands like Lando Studio, Notebook, Bella Maison, and more, for home decor, and fashion clothing. You can find different categories while shopping at this store, ranging from products including dresses, kid’s clothing, trousers, and tops, high-standard curated collections are also modeled at this store, and you now afford them with massive discounts, when you use the Anotah UAE discount codes to purchase them.

What Anotah Offers

At Anotah UAE, online stores, you are bound to see super elegant products, yet in the simplest of styles. All Anotah collections pass the test of comfort and luxury. All the designer’s hard work is often seen in the products found in the store, as they use contemporary materials with detailed finishing, to create premium fashion on budgets.

If you do not earn so much every month, yet you must appear elegant, Anotah has got you covered with quality products.  So, for a smooth shopping experience, get the best brands from Anotah, using Anotah UAE Promo codes for all your wearables, homeware, and beauty products.

The following categories of products are offered in Anotah UAE online stores.

Women Fashion

If you are looking for the best place to buy modest outfits with a touch of modern lifestyle blend, Anotah has a store full of them. There is a vast array of clothing including Jean, sweatshirts, shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, graphics, dresses, outwear, tops, and more. You can also find products for formal occasions including evening wear, maxi dresses, formal wear, wedding guest wear, vintage dresses, mini dresses, and more.

Additionally, while browsing through your favorite products on the Anotah shopping website, you can save more money by utilizing the Anotah UAE promo codes. You can also buy from the most notable brands such as Common people, Notebook, Manilla, Stella, Eleganza, and more. In this category of products, kid’s items can also be explored in different sizes, designs, and colors.

Wellness and Beauty

From the beginning, Anotah online stores were formed to care for women’s beauty and fashion, which is why a vast range of beauty and skincare products can be found in this store. Here, you can find products such as face masks, makeup removers, sheet masks, sunscreen, shaving cream, cleansing lotion, and more.

You can also find other amazing products, and buy them at discounted rates, using the Anotah UAE coupon codes. Some products to improve your skin complexion or cosmetics to enhance your beauty include products for the eye, cheeks, nails, eyebrows, and lips.  And you can shop for sponges foundation, primer, base, contour, bronzer, face pallets, eyelashes, eye shadow pallet eyelash curlers, tinted creams, powder, highlighter, and more, all at discounted rates.


Anotah offers many customers the best products to take care of their home needs.  For your living needs, you can find daily essentials, personal needs, and health care including products such as sewing tools, keychains, tool driers, detergents,   furniture, mattress, blankets, pillow covers, travel bags, storage boxes, shoe racks, baskets, bags, jewelry.

What’s more? you can also find home decor, candles, party decor materials, flower vases, displays, clocks, kid’s beddings, toppers, pillow covers, and many more. The interesting thing about the store is that you can use Anotah UAE discount codes to get a huge slash of amount off your total purchases.

Anotah UAE Accepted Payment Method

Anotah UAE’s online store allows customers to make their payments through:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash on Delivery
  • K-net
  • Master Card
  • American Express
  • Visa

However, customers paying cash on delivery will be required to pay extra fees during delivery based on the confirmed location seen on the customer’s details.

Make sure while shopping, you use the Anotah UAE promo codes to get a discount payment for your entire purchases. Also, this promo applies to both old and new users of the store.

Shipping Details

Anotah offers global shipping so, no matter where you are, you will receive your order, and in small amounts. Your shipping will be free If you live in UAE, KSA, and GCC and you purchased products up to AED200 and above. As soon as your order is confirmed, the store usually sends a notification by text message or email. Your shipping details including time of delivery and shipment will be stated in the notification.

With your shipment ID, you can track your order until you receive it. While on the order page, visit the Anotah home page and enter your shipment ID and billing email, click ‘Track Order’. The moment this is done, you will know your real-time tracking step by step until the courier with your order arrives at your doorstep

For those outside the GCC countries,  while expecting your order, have in mind that your date of delivery and delivery fee will depend on your location in the globe. So, if you are charged a particular way or your order gets to you on a particular date, this will vary in another country. However, shipping is generally sorted within 1-3 days.

In addition, if you wish to cancel any order, you must contact the customer care team immediately or within 1hr of placing the order to have it canceled. Anotah offers one of the fastest deliveries as they are processed as soon as your order is confirmed. You will be required to fill up the form meant for customers Returning, Refunding, Replacing, and Canceling an order.

Return, Replacement, and or Refund Policy


Customers who are displeased about the product they purchased at the Anotah UAE online store, can return the product within 14 days after receiving it. The store gives two options for such items to be returned:

Free returns: This is when a customer receives a wrong, defective, or inaccurate description of the products.

Paid returns: This is based on general returns if the customer does not find the product to be up-to-standard or quality.

For both options, customers in this situation must go to the Anotah website and fill out the Returns-Refund-Replacement-Cancellation form. However, this return and exchange policy applies to those in the Middle East region.

For other locations around the globe, returns are conditioned upon tax, shipping, and duties. Also, no matter where you are, in GCC countries or others, cosmetics, undergarments, and products purchased on special promo offers cannot be returned.

Replacement and Refund

You will fill out the Return, Exchange, and Refund form if you wish to get a replacement of the product returned to the store. To get another product, you must return the former item in the original package with labels intact and an invoice attached.

The moment the delivery executive receives the order and assessed it at the warehouse to make sure it is fit for return, you will get a replacement or your refund will be processed immediately.

Also, have in mind that online purchases cannot be replaced in an offline store. During refund, payment is made to your original payment method during the initial order, and it may take 15 to 30 days before you see the money in your bank account.

Shopping Tips

When shopping for your favorite products from Anotah UAE online stores, several tips can help you shop and get back value, and use the Anotah UAE promo codes efficiently, to save big. These tips are as follows;

  • Visit Anotah shopping online website from time to time, and discover numerous and current promo offers that will help you shop easily.
  • During payment, use Master Card offers, Visa Card deals, Bank promo, etc if they are available. This helps you save huge in addition to using the Anotah UAE discount codes.
  • Register as the Anotah user or customer and take advantage of all their value-added advantages.
  • Follow up with Coupaeon to know about the latest Anotah UAE coupon codes.

Anotah UAE Special Offer

Aside from the all-year-long benefits from Anotah UAE promo codes, customers can also avail of special offers by enjoying huge discounts during the Anotah Black Friday Sales in UAE. Customers can also relish huge discounts on their purchases during the Anotah Ramadan sales in UAE.

How to Contact Customer Care Support

Anotah has a professional customer care team, who ensures that customers’ problems are a priority as they need them for the business to progress. If you have questions, issues, and concerns about the store, such as those regarding a return, refund, and replacement policies, order status, special promo offers, order cancellation, and more, you can send all queries to the customer care team.

You can contact them on phone by calling at +965 25710189 or chatting them up on WhatsApp at +965 69971800. You can yet send them an email at  or approach them using Anotah Live Chat, where support is usually provided to all customers all day long.

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How to Use Coupons and Promo Codes

It is easy to use the Anotah UAE  promo codes. While shopping on the easy-to-navigate website, you can get the promo codes in a few quick steps. After adding items to the shopping cart, minimize the page and obtain the promo code from the Coupaeon website. The moment this is done, maximize the Anotah shopping page and paste the promo code at checkout before clicking to activate. Once you do this, your discount will be added.