Just Clean is one of the leading companies responsible for providing technology to local businesses in regions around the Middle East, such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.

This company is renowned for providing the best, most efficient, effective, and affordable cleaning services in the UAE and the other countries mentioned. With Just Clean, be rest assured that your cleaning needs, whether at home, office, school, car, etc., will be professionally met.

Not only do they clean, but they also provide a platform to help other professionals promote their services; hence you do not have to go through the hassles of looking for professional cleaners anymore as you can get excellent service providers for any service you wish for on the platform.

In addition, you do not have to worry about cost anymore because when you pay with the Just Clean UAE promo code offered by Coupaeon, you are sure to get huge discounts while paying for services on the platform.

About Just Clean UAE

Just Clean is a technology company that provides easy and efficient house cleaning services to its customers in various countries in the Middle East. Founded by two brothers, Nouri and Atabi AI Enezi 2016, the two brothers were inspired by developing e-commerce businesses in the Arabian Gulf region and the lack of technology to “do the laundry.” Hence, they built this highly functional app to resolve the issue.

This tech company has helped many other cleaning companies and many other cleaning companies and customers ensure ease as all they need to do is order their preferred cleaning services using the app. Professionals receive the orders and get to work with providing the services required. Business owners who run cleaning, laundry, and car wash services do not need to go through the hassles of looking for clients anymore, as all they need to do is get orders from the platform.

The app is designed to organize people’s daily and weekly cleaning needs, including car wash, home cleaning, and laundry.

However, before being allowed to use this app, the Just Clean team carries out a certain level of training for your employees to ensure they give topnotch services to their clients; they also monitor the feedback on sales performance while providing important feedback on critical business metrics to enhance your overall performance.

As a customer, you can enjoy more services while saving more when you apply the Just Clean UAE coupon code offered by Cupaeon to enjoy huge discounts on the website. In addition, the Just Clean app is readily available to customers who are Android and iOS users. You can get more customers and upgrade your store with trending technology at affordable rates as a service provider when using Just Clean UAE discount codes.

What Just Clean UAE Offers

Just Clean offers professional cleaning services to customers in the Middle east. They are also a tech company that helps local cleaning companies in the middle east gain visibility and reach out to their customers. With the help of their app, they organize people’s daily and weekly cleaning needs, including car wash, home cleaning, and laundry, at a very affordable rate.

In addition, Just Clean allows customers to pick up and deliver their clothes to a vendor using the company’s driver. It enables service providers to deliver orders to customers using the company’s drivers.

Furthermore, price is no longer a matter of concern as you can get a huge discount off all services needed when you order your services using the Just Clean UAE promo code offered by Coupaeon while ordering on the website or using the app. Mentioned below are the services provided by Just Clean.


You no longer have to go through the hassles of doing laundry on your weekends. With Just Clean, all you need to do is order for your preferred service and service provider at a very affordable price. Interestingly, there are no hidden charges or extra costs.

Just Clean provides one of the highest-rated laundry services in the UAE. They work with the best well-vetted laundromats in the country and ensure you get topnotch services and value for your money. With their app or website, you can order your clothes to be washed, ironed, and neatly packed, all from the comfort of your home.

Home Cleaning 

Just Clean understands that their customer’s comfort is a priority; hence, they do everything possible to guarantee comfort. Customers do not have to worry about cleaning their homes anymore because all they have to do now is make an order.

Just Clean and their highly qualified and vetted home cleaning specialists will care for their home cleaning needs at an affordable price. When customers book a home cleaning service, one of their partner home cleaning companies will acknowledge your booking and come to clean your home.

Kindly note that none of the Just Clean home cleaning partners will ask customers for payment, as all payments are done before a booking. Your booking hours will only start on the arrival of the cleaning specialist and end when the work is done. However, customers can stop the cleaning session at any time, there are no hidden charges, and the cost per hour is affordable, especially when you book the services using the discount codes.

In addition, the specialists coming to the customer’s home are highly screened and vetted, customers can extend their booking rates by more hours, and the Just Clean customer guarantee policy backs customers’ booking. When customers book a home cleaning session, the services they get include:

  • Linen changing
  • General cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning

The customer is allowed to provide the cleaning materials to be used. However, customers can request that the cleaning specialist come with their cleaning materials, which will come with high-quality cleaning products. But note that a little fee will be attached if specialists clean with their cleaning materials.

When customers book their cleaning session through the website, they can get to know their assigned cleaning specialist, find out which company the cleaning specialist works for, get updates on when the cleaning specialist is on their way and view their completed booking.

Car Wash 

Just Clean and its partners provide cost-effective car washing services for their customers all over the middle east. They are well-known car wash companies with highly qualified and professional car wash operators, so customers do not have to worry about damage or mal handling of their cars. They carry out car washing services for private car owners and car showroom owners.

When customers book a carry washing session with Just Clean for mobile car wash, the company will arrive on time to clean the customer’s car. If the customer has purchased a car wash station ticket, they can show up at any time or reserve a time that is most convenient for them.

Kindly note that Just Clean car wash partners will ask you for payment as all payments are done before a booking. Their partners offer their services at very affordable prices with no hidden charges or hikes, and customers are at liberty to view their bookings and packages included in the booking. Also, note that the Just Clean customer guarantee policy backs customers’ bookings, so they do not have anything to worry about.

Men’s Barber and Women’s Hairdresser at Home

Customers do not have to go through the troubles of trying to go to their hairdressers or barbers shop anymore as Just Clean and their partners are now readily available to lift that burden off their shoulders. When booking a session, clean offers two services, book a home hair service or purchase a ticket to head down to the local salon. This option is available for both men and women.

Just Clean and their local partners ensure customers receive top notch barbering and hairdressing services from the comfort of their homes; all they need to do is book a session or pick up a barber or hairdresser’s ticket and show up when it’s most convenient for them. For at-home services, the barber or stylist will arrive on time to start the customer’s booking, and if the customer has purchased a hair salon or a barber ticket, they can show up at any time or reserve a time they find most comfortable.

For customers to book a session, they need to go to the website and select the type of service they need, their preferred barber or hairdresser, hours they’d be needing, level of service, and preferred package. Customers are at liberty to choose their preferred date and time. When this is done, customers’ bookings will be updated, and the stylist can scan their QR code to confirm the booking.

Customers should kindly note that bookings can be canceled in an emergency, and they will get a full refund. Also, note that no Just Clean hair salon partners will ask you for payment as all payments are done before a booking.

Just Clean partners package rates are transparent and are not increased due to online booking or with no extra hidden service fees or sudden hikes. Also, customers’ booking is backed by the just clean customer guarantee policy, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Spa Massage 

Are you feeling stressed and in urgent need of a good massage? Worry no more, as Just Clean has got you covered. Just Clean offers exclusive men’s and women’s spa sessions and massages, readily available on their platform. In addition, you can enjoy these services from the comfort of your home or purchase a ticket and head straight to the spa to have an amazing massage and spa session.

The platform has the best local Spas near you and highly qualified professionals to take care of your needs at a very affordable rate with no hidden charges online or offline. Also, you are at liberty to choose your preferred time and date, package, price rate, preferred spa, and much more. Kindly note that the just-clean customer guarantee policy backs your booking; hence, feel free to enjoy their services.

Just Clean UAE Payment options

Just Clean provides professional services to many countries in the middle east; hence they have a feasible payment plan and options that can serve everyone. Customers can pay for their needed services via credit or debit card, Visa card, or MasterCard.

Return Policy

Just Clean offers a great return policy for services ordered. All refunds are made within 48 hours of requesting a refund, and refunds are created automatically when orders are canceled. However, kindly note that each service ordered has a unique refund style.

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How to Contact Just Clean UAE

To make booking inquiries or ask general questions, Just Clean has an impeccable support team that is readily available to address your concerns. You may be required to fill out a contact form where your name, email address, country, and message are needed. However, they are available for you around the clock.

Why Use Coupaeon Deals?

Coupaeon deals make shopping for your favorite products and services more cost-effective. When you use the Just Clean UAE promo code for payment, you stand the chance of getting huge discounts while ordering more services from the vast services Just Clean offers. More interestingly, all these services will come at a very affordable price with more value, as you will save a lot of money when you use Just Clean UAE promo codes on the payment page.

How to Use Just Clean UAE Discount Codes

Before making your orders, kindly go to the website to copy the discount code. When this is done, kindly move on to make your orders using the app or the website. When you’re done with your orders, in the payment section, kindly look out for the space that requires you to input your coupon code on the booking page, then apply it and pay with this; you can enjoy your full discount.