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Being a veiled woman needs most of the time to be more creative to create different styles of hijab that suit the modesty of your hijab and that are in line with the latest fashion trends at the same time. Every winter season, it is important to try new, different, and innovative ways to match your hijab with your favorite winter fashion items.

Some women think that fashion does not take into account the needs of veiled women, and that fashion designs most of the time do not take into account the veiled women’s need for modest clothes that are in line with their hijab and suit it, and that’s why veiled women always face many obstacles in order to find the best and the modest look.

Winter has come, and it is time to take out your warm, heavy and elegant clothes, or buy a new set, and unlike other seasons, winter fashion always comes with designs and looks that fit the hijab, as designs vary to include long and wide clothes so that we can wear several layers on top of each other to feel warm, and that’s why veiled women most of the time do not face any problems in shopping during the winter season.

And since winter clothes with different designs suit you as a hijabi, what do you think of getting to know more about the best Hijabi winter styles for 2021?

  • Hijab Tucked In A Turtleneck Or A Hoodie

If you are planning to wear your turtleneck sweater this winter, you can match it with your hijab in a modern and unique way, such as tucking your hijab in it, which will help keeping you warm, giving you a chic look, and also allowing you to show your accessories and add a unique look to your elegant clothes.

In addition, this style can make you look sporty, casual and feminine at the same time.

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  • A long coat over sportswear with sneakers

And if you tend to have the comfortable casual style imposed on you by your lifestyle or the nature of your work and the fast rhythm of your days that requires wearing comfy and casual clothes all the time, this winter you can easily get this look that you want when you choose a neutral color, such as: black, gray or beige, and wear it over your sportswear, whatever its color, with your most favorite sports shoes.

In order to get another unique look and at the same time combines comfort and elegance, you can wear a sports jacket with jeans, pullovers and comfortable sneakers, where you can choose a suitable length jacket in case you want to wear a short shirt or t-shirt under it, or choose a short jacket in In case you want to wear a t-shirt or shirt with a suitable length under it.

  • Abaya With a Long Tunic

Despite how elegant abayas are, there are many veiled women who have a problem wearing them in winter, due to the light fabrics in which the abayas are designed, so we offer you some ideas that may help you wear abayas in winter in a way that combines elegance and warmth. For example, you can wear your favorite abaya with a long coat, which will give you the elegance and sophistication needed to complete your looks.

And in case you do not want to wear a long coat over your abaya, you can choose a loose-fitting jacket or drop a shawl on your shoulders, as it is an ideal elegant option that is suitable for winter at the same time.

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  • Loose-fitting Pullover With a Skirt or Trousers

Loose-fitting pullovers with skirts and pants are so trendy in winter 2021, as you can match them in multiple and creative ways to create a new look every time. For example, you can tuck your pullover in wide-legged trousers or in skirts, or even put one end of it inside the skirt.

  • Indian themed blouse with a stylish jacket

If you want to add more color to your look and try a different style for your hijab, such as wearing your favorite Indian-themed blouse with wide trousers and an elegant jacket which will give you a unique Indian-themed look.

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