About Linzi

Linzi online store is a notable brand that offers premium footwear sales in the Middle East.  The store was established in the year 1989, as an east-end market and it was gradually developed into a global product brand with numerous offline and online stores, as well as global shipping.

Linzi online stores are exclusive for the manufacturing of all kinds of footwear including;  sandals, boots, shoes, and heels. The footwear is designed from quality materials like fur, leather, and clothes, and they have usually categorized generally as high-quality products.

As customers are the priority at Linzi’s online store, they offer around-the-clock care service to individual customers around the globe. They also make it easy for you to reach them by using easy-to-explore website formats, and user-friendly online apps.

You can purchase your favorite footwear style at Linzi online stores with a discount rate when you take advantage of the Linzi discount codes to save up to 15 percent on each order.

What Linzi Offers in KSA

Linzi online stores are popular for their vast range of footwear products. Usually, it promotes style and ensures comfort. For decades, footwear has been among the topmost evolutions in the structure of the design. Several footwear designs have been introduced into the system and gradually faded as new ideas are updated to meet the current age.

Therefore, you can purchase suitable footwear that matches your standard at affordable prices. They are available from stylish heels, to vintage boots, and you can trust Linzi stores to get you covered on everything shoes.

The store offers Linzi KSA discount codes to help you save big while shopping for your desired footwear online. Linzi KSA online stores have the following products available at affordable prices for you to explore.

Linzi Heels

Heels usually bring an added elegance or a twist to production designs of footwear. This category of footwear has a unique style that showcases modern and classic vibes. Some standard styles of heels are mid heels, platforms, high heels, mules, court heels, and heeled sandals.

You can find all these amazing products if you explore the Linzi KSA website, and buy your desired item. While on the site, you can search for more heel designs as they are added as new arrivals every month. Also, while purchasing your footwear, use the Linzi KSA promo codes to save big for other things.


Boots are one of the most comfortable footwear for everyone. Before now, it used to be worn mostly by the male categories and was nearly the only statement piece for children. Moving forward, it has become a general favorite choice as many women worldwide enjoy wearing boots also.

At Linzi stores, you will access different kinds of boots designed in unique models. Some boot models include; military boots, chunky boots,  long boots, heeled boots, ankle boots, and Chelsea boots.

Regardless of how fashionable these boots may appear, they are broadly known for being long-lasting products as they serve a practical use. Boots are designed from strong leather, velvety or soft materials and they have a solid foundation in the footwear manufacturing company.  You can purchase boots at the best prices with a discount rate if you use Linzi KSA coupon codes to shop.


Flats normally have one of the highest sales in the footwear industry. These days, flats are designed not only for casual occasions but for several formal events. You can purchase many parties, formal, and casual flats at Linzi KSA online store, suitable for all your outings.

Some flats you can purchase include; a collection of slippers, loafers, loafers and moccasins, trainers, and skaters. They are often available in various sizes in the Linzi stores. While shopping, you can also use the Linzi KSA promo codes for your additional savings.


Linzi offers amazing sandal footwear for women. You can explore your favorite options at the most affordable rates for comfortable and quality sandals. You can see the following types of sandals on the  Linzi store’s website; jellies, flip flops, platforms, flat sandals, wedges, heeled sandals, and sliders.

Alongside these amazing offers, Linzi stores have different kinds of sizes to match an individual’s need. You can take advantage of the Linzi KSA discount codes to purchase these products at the best prices.

Linzin’s Payment Method

Linzi’s website is a wonderful online store in KSA and they try to handle customers’ needs with the best and simplest options possible. They have different kinds of payment platforms where customers can carry out safe and secured transactions when purchasing an item online.

They use the following payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Cash on delivery (COD)
  • Master and Visa cards

You can be sure that during any transaction, your card details will be protected as they use secured and safe methods to collect your details. Also, if you face challenges during any transaction, you can make use of their friendly customer care service.

Linzi KSA Shipping Details

After processing an order for Linzi footwear products, the store will send you an email to confirm the order, which allows you to make adjustments where they are necessary. Usually, the email comprises several details, including your payment details, shipment details, and delivery details.

Linzi currently offers a largely recognized shipment to places within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They also ship to surrounding cities like UAE, Kuwait, and Bahrain. You are expected to wait up to about 12 days after paying for a product before the product can get to you.

If you are using credit or debit cards to make payments, your products can be delivered to you within 7-10 days. Also, for cash on delivery payments, your order will arrive within 10-12 days. However, Linzi also provides customers with free shipments and delivery services on special occasions.

Returns, Replacement, and/or Refund Policy

Linzi online stores offer special return and refund services to customers who are disappointed about their purchased items. Their customer care supporters can help you handle several detailed issues related to return,  replacement or refund.

Return Policy

Linzi allows customers to return their purchases by applying through the store’s account, contacting customer care service, or sending a  complaint through email. If you are not happy about the item you bought, you will be given up to 14 days to return the item, beginning from the day of delivery.

Also, items are expected to maintain original conditions when returned to the store, and the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost. If you want to exchange the product and get another one, the amount will be compared to the previous product returned to the store, which means you may have to pay a little more or refund parts of your money, to get the new product.

Refund Policy

If you ordered footwear and it came to you in good condition but the size is either oversized or undersized. You can ask for a refund if you are not interested in choosing another product to exchange with. However, you will be given a period of grace of up to four weeks to return the item in its best condition before you can be refunded.

Shopping Tips for Linzi KSA Stores

Linzi stores are one of the most renowned online brands that handle high-quality footwear in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They make it easy for their customers to use their shopping site to purchase their favorite products. Also, you can find footwear for children, men, and women as they are often placed in different categories.

However, while buying footwear from the store, you may be tricked into getting the wrong size. It is important to know your shoe size before placing the order since you can choose oversize or undersize during the process, without knowing. If you placed the right order for your shoe size and still received an unsatisfactory item, you can always return it to the store.

One of the best tips for shopping for footwear at this store is that you can take advantage of the Linzi KSA coupon codes, to help you save up to 15% for each item purchase. This is a whooping offer that helps you save huge or add more items to purchase.

Linzin KSA Special Offer

Being a reputable online store, Linzin KSA also provides special offers to customers to enjoy more satisfactory benefits. Sometimes making decisions on the item to choose and the ones to drop can be tricky.  So, Linzin offers discount sales, which allows you to buy as many items as you want at the most affordable rates.

Linzi stores offer tantalizing discounts during special occasions like Ramadan, Eid, and Black Friday. These special offers allow you to shop for more products and save your money.  Other offers you can enjoy include, express or free shipping and buy one, get one free, and a lot more offers.

How to Contact Linzi Customer Support

Linzi KSA Arabia offers unique collections of modern footwear made of the best and most durable materials. The company uses different channels to care for its customer’s needs and requests.

You can reach them through email and phone number. You can also get answers to your problems by searching their FAQ sections. It will be easy to fill out Linzi’s online contact here if you want to reach out to them.

You can follow Linzi on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to help you see new arrivals and coupon deals. To top it all, they operate a friendly customer care system that allows you to get answers to your shopping problem at any time, which means they are accessible all around the clock.

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